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Your resume, on the other hand, is both an active and a passive job search tool.

A passive job search tool: Upload your resume into resume databases, and it operates like a social media profile, making you visible to people who are actively looking for professionals like you in that particular database.

An active job search tool: You can customize your resume to one specific job or even to each company you approach. You can have different resumes for different jobs you wish to pursue, and you can send such carefully customized resumes directly to the headhunters, corporate recruiters and hiring mangers you most want to talk to.

LinkedIn is the premier site for making connections and becoming visible, both within your professional community and to corporate recruiters, headhunters, and hiring managers.

It’s where you can forge your professional identity and establish professional connections that can help you for many years to come, and it is very different from the intensely personal Facebook pages many people have. While it is acceptable for young adults to have a personal social media profile, it should be sanitized of any evidence of college-era indiscretions and should reflect your emerging grown-up self, and do nothing to detract from your professional image. What you share on your LinkedIn profile needs to reflect exclusively your professional persona, the way you want to see yourself, and in turn be seen by your professional community.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor

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via Graduates, Do You Need a Professional Resume OR Just a LinkedIn Profile? | Career Rocketeer – Career Search and Personal Branding Blog.



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