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Job Search – A guide for health and wellness during job hunt

A prolonged job search is a pain. Literally. The pressure to secure a job over a long period of time is stressful and frustrating. And it’s easy to lose yourself in the process by prioritizing the need of employment over your personal health and wellness. Here’s a secret: taking care of your mind, body, and … Continue reading

Employment services – Helping job seekers online

Field experiment shows benefits of online job search assistance In a new IZA Discussion Paper, Guglielmo Briscese, Giulio Zanella, and Nicky Quinn report the results of a field experiment where they tested the effect of complementing offline assistance with a website that provided an editable resume and cover letter templates, as well as tips on … Continue reading

COVID and Virtual Hiring – Tips for job seekers and recruiters (free PDF) by TechRepublic

This free PDF download from TechRepublic offers tips for how to land the job from  afar and best practices for hosting online interviews. In the download: How COVID-19 is impacting job seekers and hiring managers Hiring precautions due to the coronavirus How to nail a job interview via video conferencing How to hire a top … Continue reading

COVID and Canadian Job Seekers – Job searches for these companies surged

Grocery stores and household delivery services have become key pillars of the economy amid the COVID-19 crisis. Canadian job seekers have taken notice. As companies like Walmart and Amazon announced major hiring plans, job searches for both on Indeed Canada surged, along with those for large grocers including Costco and Loblaws.* Searches containing “Amazon” spiked first, jumping up as … Continue reading

Job Search in US – Over half of younger americans now consider sustainability

Guess post by Lucy Wyndham – Around 64 percent of younger jobseekers are adding another criterion to their job searches: sustainability. The days where Americans worried about being qualified for jobs are long gone. Research has shown that companies that actively practice sustainability are more sought-after in the job market. In 2018, a LinkedIn survey showed that … Continue reading

Job Search in Canada – 12% are looking for a new job while working against 5% 20 years ago

Workers may want to change jobs for any number of reasons, which are not always related to poor working conditions. The criteria used to determine what defines a “better job” differs from one person to another, and evolves through different stages of life. For young parents, for example, their job search could be largely motivated … Continue reading

Resume – The most outrageous resume mistakes employers have found

Finding a job can be stressful. Job seekers are often up against tens, if not hundreds, of other applicants for a position. The pressure to have their resumes jump out from the stack in front of employers is high, and that can often result in getting a little too creative or perhaps outright fabricating. According … Continue reading

Job Interview – 21 Best Tips (infographic)

There’s much more to a successful job interview than just knowing how to answer the most commonly asked questions. To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared some more tips that will help you prepare for everything else that comes with a job interview. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  22+ … Continue reading

Job Search and Hiring – Seven facts every job seeker and employers should know

Although 76 percent of full-time, employed workers are either actively looking for a job or open to new opportunities, nearly half (48 percent) of employers can’t seem to find the workers they need to fill their job vacancies. A new study from CareerBuilder highlights seven important facts every employer and job seeker should know as … Continue reading

Requirements in Job Advertisements – Employers are demanding with Formal education remaining the most important criterion

This paper analyses a sample of approximately two million job advertisements obtained from an online job portal called “Burning Glass”, in order to identify employers’ demands for the 30 most-frequently advertised occupations in the United States. With this sample of vacancies, we investigate how demanding employers are for occupations of different levels of complexity (two … Continue reading

Job Search in US – Smartphones as a central part of the digital world

Smartphone adoption has grown rapidly in the U.S. Today, 68% of U.S. adults own smartphones, up from 35% in 2011. Beyond calls and texts, smartphone owners use their devices to accomplish a number of tasks – including getting directions, applying for jobs and getting health information. For some Americans, particularly younger adults, minorities and lower-income … Continue reading

Job Search – Lack of broadband can be a key obstacle

People without broadband at home can face substantial challenges navigating key life events, with difficulties looking for work or applying for a job among the most prominent. Despite a number of state and federal initiatives promoting increased broadband adoption, a significant share of U.S. adults (33%) say that they still do not subscribe to high-speed … Continue reading

US – 79% utilized online resources in their most recent job search

The internet is a top resource for many of today’s job hunters: Among Americans who have looked for work in the last two years, 79% utilized online resources in their most recent job search and 34% say these online resources were the most important tool available to them Online employment resources now rival personal and … Continue reading

Job Search for Millennials – A few best practice

Despite the unprecedented challenges facing our generation — unique challenges that no other generation has been confronted with — there are actions you can take to increase your chances of landing a job that will help advance your career and put a decent paycheck in your pocket. Here are a few best practices: 1. Cold … Continue reading

The ‘Relevant’ Résumé – Littered with your failures, bad references, and non-skills

How do you leave a lasting impression on a prospective employer? Jeff Scardino, senior creative at Ogilvy & Mather and professor at the Miami Ad School in Brooklyn, may have an answer to this classic job seeker’s dilemma. He designed what he calls the relevant résumé — a résumé littered with your failures, bad references, … Continue reading

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