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Job Search Tips – What your resume should NOT include

There are several items, however, that your resume should NOT include: 'Modern Resume - Modèles Google Documents' - docs_google_com_previewtemplate_id=134jFx2NOjG_oMkbL3pFijooU-CkNoGpjyJEYBYWsxB8&mode=public

(1) Personal details and photographs

(2) Hobbies

(3) Clubs, organizations and volunteer work NOT related to your industry or profession

(4) Religious and Political affiliations

(5) Your “Objective” – It may seem counter-intuitive to leave this off, but the statement of a specific Objective can be very limiting. A better use of space is to write a 5-8 sentence “Summary of Qualifications” that highlights your professional assets. Summarize your best qualities as a candidate right at the top of the resume and entice the hiring manager to read on.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  Things NOT to Include on Your Resume – MomCorps.

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