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Les compétences clés de l’Union Européenne (UE)

Les compétences sont définies en l’occurrence comme un ensemble de connaissances, d’aptitudes et d’attitudes appropriées au contexte. Les compétences clés sont celles nécessaires à tout individu pour l’épanouissement et le développement personnels, la citoyenneté active, l’inté- gration sociale et l’emploi. Le cadre de référence décrit huit compétences clés: 1. Communication dans la langue maternelle; 2. … Continue reading

Les compétences clés de l’OCDE

Les compétences clés de l’OCDE résument les capacités que chacun doit mobiliser dans l’exercice de son emploi et qui visent à nous faire remplir avec succès les missions et obligations de l’OCDE. Celles-ci peuvent varier en fonction du degré des obligations et des responsabilités de chacun. Les compétences clés sont rassemblées en trois groupes. • … Continue reading

Skills in Canada – Developing a mapping system that links skills to occupations

The skills required to succeed in today’s world of work are rapidly changing. Workers experience pressure to continuously improve their skills, and employers struggle to nd workers with the right skills to achieve their goals. • Developing a pan-Canadian mapping system that links skills to occupations is an important step towards improving our understanding of … Continue reading

Vocational Training – Playing a central role in determining the outcomes for the low-skilled, low-wage, workers

Economic integration has brought about not only benefits and opportunities but also required adjustment, especially for the youth entering the labour force. The lower growth rates characterizing the post Global Financial Crisis era and the concerns about income inequality put to the fore the degree that better targeted investment in human capital may ameliorate the … Continue reading

Green Jobs in Canada – Approximately 297,000 jobs were attributable to environmental and clean technology (ECT) activity in 2017

Approximately 297,000 jobs were attributable to environmental and clean technology (ECT) activity in 2017, accounting for 1.6% of all jobs in Canada. Of these, 282,045 (95.0%) were employee jobs, while the remainder were self-employment jobs. ECT employee jobs increased 1.9% from 2016. Characteristics of ECT workers: Gender, education, age, and immigration status Women held 28.2% of ECT jobs in 2017, with almost seven jobs out … Continue reading

Upgrading Skills in US – A more comprehensive approach is required

To upgrade the skills of Americans at greatest risk from automation, a more comprehensive approach is required — one that’s backed by government. To start, states and the federal government should boost tax credits to encourage small and medium-sized businesses to invest more in retraining low-skilled workers. States should bolster workforce development boards that help … Continue reading

Job Creation – A dearth of good jobs does not mean that the labor market is the problem

Governments are right to focus on creating more good jobs, because work is the source of most people’s livelihood in every society. But in the majority of cases, the solution lies in policy areas that are not amenable to tools wielded by ministers of labor or education. Just because a tire is flat at the … Continue reading

Future of Work and Anxiety in Canada – Who is fearful of automation ?

Who is fearful of automation and what do they want politicians to do about it? This paper finds a correlation between Canadians’ fear of job losses from automation and populist and nativist views—but also that Canadians favour traditional government policy approaches to job disruption, such as retraining, more than radical measures such as reducing immigration. … Continue reading

Workforce Ageing in Australia – Mature aged people account for one in six workers

Mature aged people account for one in six workers in the Australian workforce, a share that has steadily increased over the past decade. Australia’s population is ageing as a result of historically low fertility rates (which have recently recovered to an approximately 30 year high) and increasing life expectancy. As this trend continues, the share … Continue reading

Future of Work – Voices of Youth

What are young people’s hopes and vision for the Future of Work? Students from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, in Geneva, share their thoughts. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  International Youth Day: Voices of Youth on the Future of Work

The Phillips Curve – Yes, there is a trade-off

The Phillips curve is unstable and, therefore, an imperfect guide for policy. But unstable does not mean nonexistent, and imperfect does not mean useless. As long as the tools of monetary policy influence both inflation and unemployment, monetary policymakers must be cognizant of the trade-off. Mr. Powell was smart to acknowledge during his congressional hearing … Continue reading

Job Report in Canada, July 2019 – Employment was little changed for the third consecutive month and unemployment up to 5.7%

Employment was little changed for the third consecutive month in July. The unemployment rate increased by 0.2 percentage points to 5.7% as more people searched for work. Compared with July 2018, employment was up by 353,000 (+1.9%), driven by gains in full-time work (+326,000 or +2.2%). Over the same period, hours worked increased by 0.7%. To explore the most recent results from the … Continue reading

L’emploi au Québec, juillet 2019 – Plus 17 000 et le chômage s’est maintenu à 4,9 %

Après avoir peu varié au cours des deux mois précédents, l’emploi au Québec a augmenté de 17 000 en juillet, et des hausses notables ont été observées dans les secteurs de la fabrication et de la construction. Le taux de chômage s’est maintenu à 4,9 % à la suite d’une hausse du nombre de personnes actives sur le marché du … Continue reading

US – Private Sector Payroll Jobs During Presidential Terms

Th[is] graph is for private employment only. Mr. Trump is in Orange (30 months). The employment recovery during Mr. G.W. Bush’s (red) first term was sluggish, and private employment was down 821,000 jobs at the end of his first term.   At the end of Mr. Bush’s second term, private employment was collapsing, and there were net 382,000 private … Continue reading

Inflation and Unemployment in US – What about the Phillips Curve ?

This paper studies the current state of inflation dynamics through the lens of the Phillips curve and assesses the degree of anchoring of inflation expectations. I first estimate a Phillips curve model with both past inflation and a constant anchor as explanatory variables over the 1999– 2018 period for a variety of measures of consumer … Continue reading

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