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Covid and Public Intervention in the Corporate Sector – Actions that support long-term economic resilience and growth, broad-based improvements in living standards, while minimizing the costs to the public

The coronavirus pandemic, by dramatically changing con- sumption patterns and business operations, is triggering a major corporate solvency crisis in many countries. Apart from policies directly supporting employment, initial policy responses to support businesses focused heavily on liquidity issues. Some liquidity support is still needed, but the crucial issue now is solvency. Policymakers need to … Continue reading

Covid and Young Adults in US – 52% are living with their parents

The share of 18- to 29-year-olds living with their parents has become a majority since U.S. coronavirus cases began spreading early this year. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @ 52% of young adults in US are living with their parents amid COVID-19 | Pew Research Center

Universal Basic Income in Canada – Benefits to families receiving payments under two potential programs

Interest in basic income has increased in recent years and the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the idea of a guaranteed minimum income for Canadians into the national spotlight. Canada already has a modest basic income program in place for people with children—the Canada Child Benefit—whose economic contributions CANCEA has previously examined. This report examines the … Continue reading

Remote Work – How to train and retain a remote team

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last year, millions of people have transitioned to remote work, not out of preference, but of necessity. In this sudden transition, many companies made what was once merely a dream for remote work enthusiasts a reality overnight. In the 2019 work-from-home statistics report, TalentLMS surveyed 500 … Continue reading

Career Guidance – International trends and innovation

In our fast-evolving world and labour markets, career guidance is needed more than ever to help people manage their own career paths and transitions. This report explores career guidance policies and practices in the light of global challenges. It examines the mega-trends in career guidance – use of information and communication technologies, career-management skills, cooperation … Continue reading

Racial Identity in US – A measurable, significant, and persistent predictor of labor market outcomes

According to the Center for Assessment and Policy Development, racial equity is the condition that would be achieved if one’s racial identity no longer predicted, in a statistical sense, how one fares. In reality, statistical analysis often reveals that racial identity is a measurable, significant, and persistent predictor of labor market outcomes. Let’s pause and … Continue reading

Compétences en France – Et la maîtrise de l’anglais ?

Pour s’imposer dans le monde post-Covid, les entreprises doivent s’assurer de disposer des bonnes compétences. De la même façon, l’employabilité à long terme ou un objectif de reconversion nécessite la même démarche d’actualisation des savoir-faire et savoir-être. Si l’accent est mis, à juste titre, sur le digital et les soft skills, la maîtrise de l’anglais … Continue reading

L’Application Mobile MonCompteFormation en France – Entrée dans les usages en un an

Formation professionnelle : une application mobile qui est entrée dans les usages, en un an Un an presque jour pour jour après son lancement, l’heure du bilan est venue pour l’application mobile et le site Internet MonCompteFormation. Il est positif, aux dires de tous ceux qui ont porté sur les fonts baptismaux cet outil intégré … Continue reading

Career Pathways – How-to guide at the regional level

A Way to Make the Pieces Fit In a growing number of regions around the country, local leaders are working to more closely coordinate publicly funded education, from primary through post-secondary levels, with social services and workforce and economic development programs to produce a better-trained workforce and promote economic growth. Several states are actively supporting … Continue reading

Race Inequality in the Workforce in UK – 11 recommendations for government and employers

The effect of Covid-19 on the labour market has impacted specific groups of workers more than others, including those with an ethnic minority background. The report makes 11 recommendations for government and employers to ensure both that job quality is protected for all and that groups at particular risk are safeguarded. 1 A multi-year jobs … Continue reading

Les Diplômés du Postsecondaire de 2015 au Canada – Entre 77 % et 93 % travailler dans une entreprise en lien avec leur domaine

Cette étude, fondée sur l’Enquête nationale auprès des diplômés (END) de 2018, examine les résultats sur le marché du travail des diplômés de 2015, trois ans après la fin de leurs études. La plupart des diplômés du niveau postsecondaire, qui n’avaient pas poursuivi leurs études, avaient un emploi ou une entreprise trois ans après l’obtention … Continue reading

Lifelong Learning in Europe – An inventory of guidance systems and practices

The national lifelong guidance systems records provide information about current policy developments and structures pertaining to career guidance, career education and career development in countries of the EU, EEA, EFTA and EU enlargement/accession countries. The country records are based on information gathered and analysed by CareersNet experts during their respective mandate period. CareersNet is Cedefop’s … Continue reading

Talent Platforms for On-Demand Workforce – Companies need to break work down into rigorously defined components

In this era of chronic skills shortages, rapid automation, and digital transformation, companies are confronting a growing talent problem, one that has the potential to become a strategic bottleneck. How can they find people with the right skills to do the right work at just the right time? The half-life of skills is shrinking fast, … Continue reading

Covid and Higher Education Students in US – 51% of currently enrolled students report that COVID-19 is “very likely” or “likely” to impact their ability to complete their degree

Higher education has faced unprecedented challenges amidst COVID-19. Throughout 2020, many students have transitioned between in-person and remote learning as schools continue to navigate the pandemic. In the fall of 2020, Lumina Foundation and Gallup partnered to survey 2,064 students currently pursuing their associate degree and 3,941 pursuing their bachelor’s degree and assessed: How has … Continue reading

Canada – Where is the economic vision for the future?

Why can’t we leverage our intellectual capital to create global firms that capture new markets like other countries do? Are we positioning ourselves to be successful in the fast-growing fields of artificial intelligence, cleantech or biotech? When it comes to talent and intellectual property, we look more and more like a farm team for American … Continue reading

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