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O*NET database – What’s New?

The 24.1 release of the O*NET database includes the following: 1,416 technology skills related to 332 occupations were updated from employer job postings and other sources. Currently, 161 “hot technologies” are identified. 170 alternate titles related to 102 occupations were added from employer job postings and other sources. The new data is incorporated within My … Continue reading

Future of Work – 18 to 34 hold almost 40% of the US jobs that could disappear in the next decade

With each passing year, parents are getting more worried about how their children will fare once it’s time to take that step from school to the workforce. They have good reason to fret. Some 17 million Americans under age 30—about one third of the under-30 population—are saddled with student debt. Many are worried about their … Continue reading

Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada – Open work permits holders had the lowest median annual earnings in 2016

Temporary residents with open work permits (OWP) accounted for 1.2% of total T4 earners in Canada in 2016 compared with 0.5% a decade earlier. This is a larger increase than among those with employer-specific work permits (ESWP), whose share grew from 0.2% to 0.3% for high-skill workers and stayed the same at 0.3% for low-skill workers. These are among the findings of a … Continue reading

Citizenship of New Immigrants in Canada – It has declined considerably, mainly among immigrants with lower family incomes and lower levels of education

Canada has one of the highest immigrant citizenship rates among major Western countries. However, over the past 20 years, the percentage of recent immigrants acquiring Canadian citizenship has declined considerably, mainly among immigrants with lower family incomes and lower levels of education. Citizenship is a key marker of integration, allowing immigrants to vote, run for political office, … Continue reading

Apprenticeship in US – The wage and participation gap

In recent years, U.S. apprenticeship programs have become popular among politicians, workforce advocates, workers, and employers—and it’s easy to understand why. According to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), people who complete an apprenticeship program can expect to earn an average annual income of approximately $60,000—slightly above the 2016 U.S. national median household income. In … Continue reading

Renewable Energy – 11 million people in 2018, up from 10.3 million in 2017

The global renewable energy sector employed 11 million people in 2018. This compares with 10.3 million in 2017, based on available information. Employment remains concentrated in a handful of countries, with China, Brazil, the United States, India and members of the European Union in the lead. Asian countries’ share remained at 60% of the global … Continue reading

Collective Bargaining – Revamp it to prevent rising labour market inequalities in rapidly changing world of work OECD says

Collective bargaining and worker’s voice are key labour rights but can also improve labour market performances, according to new OECD findings. Yet both these rights are under pressure from the general weakening of labour relations in many countries and the rise of new and often precarious forms of employment, according to a new OECD report. … Continue reading

Higher Education in Ontario – A province-wide assessment of core transferable skills that focuses on literacy, numeracy and critical thinking

Ontario’s postsecondary education system would be best served by a set of performance metrics that would measure, among other things, the skills students acquire during their studies, the link between programs and job success, and institutional financial performance, argues a new paper by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. In the 2019 budget, the … Continue reading

Immigration in US – Labor force growth is currently one-third of its recent historical average

What role can immigration play in bolstering future workforce and economic growth, and meeting shifting demand for both high- and low-skilled labor? Although the U.S. economy had a banner year in 2018, posting 3 percent gross domestic product (GDP) growth, the long-run projections are not nearly as bright. GDP growth is anticipated to average less … Continue reading

Skills Training in Canada – Most have not recently accessed it

Respondents were then presented with a list of institutions and asked if they had accessed skills training from any of them in the past five years. Results reveal that most Canadians have not recently accessed skills training. Fewer than half (43 per cent) have accessed workplace training in the past five years, while less than … Continue reading

The Apprenticeship Levy in UK – What is it ?

In April 2017 the Government implemented the apprenticeship levy, a mandatory employer tax that contributes to apprenticeship development. Yet not all employers need to pay this tax. The apprenticeship levy is only paid by organisations with a pay bill of over £3 million each year (regardless of whether they employ any apprentices). Levy Payers: Organisations … Continue reading

France – Tout sur “Mon Compte Formation”

C’est une nouveauté qui concerne la bagatelle de 30 millions de Français : tous les salariés, les demandeurs d’emplois, et mêmes certains retraités ; tous ceux qui veulent changer de vie, ouvrir une crêperie en Bretagne ou bien acquérir de nouvelles compétences pour s’améliorer au sein de leur entreprise, dans le numérique, le management, être meilleur … Continue reading

Unauthorized Immigrants in Europe – At least 3.9 million unauthorized immigrants – and possibly as many as 4.8 million

At least 3.9 million unauthorized immigrants – and possibly as many as 4.8 million – lived in Europe in 2017, according to new Pew Research Center estimates. These totals are up from Center estimates for 2014, when between 3.0 million and 3.7 million unauthorized migrants resided in European nations, but are little changed from the … Continue reading

Skills Shortages in UK – The talent already in short supply will be in even greater demand by 2030

Profound structural shifts are under way in the UK workforce. Here’s how companies can prepare to meet the challenge and nurture the skills and talent that will help them stay competitive. The adoption of automation, along with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things, is likely to unleash profound structural shifts in … Continue reading

Effects of banning the Islamic veil in public schools in France – High school graduation rates improve for Muslim girls study finds

Immigration from Muslim countries is a source of tensions in many Western countries. Several countries have adopted regulations restricting religious expression and emphasizing the neutrality of the public sphere. A recent IZA discussion paper by Eric Maurin and Nicolas Navarrete explores the effect of one of the most emblematic of these regulations: the prohibition of … Continue reading

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