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Job Report in Canada, January 2019 – Grew by 67,000

The number of people employed grew by 67,000 in January, mostly among youth aged 15 to 24 and in the services-producing industries. The unemployment rate increased 0.2 percentage points to 5.8% as more people looked for work. Chart Unemployment rate On a year-over-year basis, total employment was up 327,000 or 1.8%, reflecting increases in both full-time (+166,000) and part-time (+162,000) work. Over the same period, total hours worked … Continue reading

L’emploi au Canada et au Québec, janvier 2019 – Plus 67 000 dont 16 000 au Québec

Le nombre de personnes en emploi a progressé de 67 000 en janvier, et l’essentiel de cette progression a eu lieu chez les jeunes de 15 à 24 ans et dans les secteurs des services. Le taux de chômage a augmenté de 0,2 point de pourcentage pour atteindre 5,8 % en raison de la hausse du nombre de personnes à la recherche de travail. Graphique Taux … Continue reading

Delivering Digital Skills – A guide

This guide shares nine steps to preparing the workforce for digital transformation, and 10 case studies that show skills provision in practice. Key findings: To learn new skills, people in work need access to multiple services: We have found nine components for building learning ecosystems that adapt to changes in skills demand and support individuals … Continue reading

Les Grands-Parents au Canada – 7,5 millions âgés de 45 ans en 2017 

Selon les données de l’Enquête sociale générale (ESG) sur la famille, on comptait 7,5 millions de grands-parents âgés de 45 ans et plus au Canada en 2017 — le nombre le plus élevé depuis que des données sont recueillies. Il s’agit d’une augmentation par rapport aux 7,0 millions de grands-parents dénombrés en 2011 et aux 5,4 millions qui l’ont été en 1995. La proportion de grands-parents âgés de 85 ans … Continue reading

Active Labour Market Programs in Ontario – A need to better tailor job programs

About 450,000 Ontarians are on social assistance, costing the province $2.8 billion annually, according to a new study from the C.D. Howe Institute. In ‘Assessing Active Labour-Market Programs: How Effective is Ontario Works?’ authors Jason Adams, Ken Chow and David Rosé examine the success of various Ontario Works programs in getting welfare recipients back into … Continue reading

Ontario – Employment programs have not kept pace with the changing labour market

In Working Paper 29, The labour market shift: Training a highly skilled and resilient workforce in Ontario, the Institute examines Ontario’s changing labour market and skills, employer-driven training, and government skills training programs. Ontario’s labour market has changed. For Ontarians to remain resilient in face of this change, they must be equipped with skills that are transferable … Continue reading

Banque du Canada – La politique monétaire peut difficilement agir directement sur les problèmes structurels du marché du travail selon Carolyn A. Wilkins, Première sous-gouverneure

… La politique monétaire peut difficilement agir directement sur les problèmes structurels du marché du travail et de l’économie dans son ensemble. Ma tâche consiste à maintenir l’inflation à un niveau bas et stable pour permettre au milieu des affaires, dont vous faites partie, d’exercer ses activités dans un environnement prévisible qui favorise une croissance … Continue reading

Skills in US – O*NET Database and websites updated

The 23.2 release of the O*NET database includes the following: 339 technology skills related to 133 occupations were updated from employer job postings and other sources. Currently, 186 “hot technologies” are identified. 150 alternate titles related to 84 occupations were added from employer job postings and other sources.   Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read … Continue reading

Santé Mentale, Milieux de Travail Inclusifs – Une nouvelle trousse au Canada

Aujourd’hui, la Commission de la santé mentale du Canada (CSMC) a lancé une trousse pratique pour aider les employeurs à créer des milieux de travail inclusifs à l’occasion de la conférence sur la culture d’entreprise du Conference Board du Canada . La trousse présente des stratégies et des mesures à la portée de toutes les … Continue reading

Attitudes toward Apprenticeships in UK – They are becoming more positive but their number still decreases

Despite the number of new apprentices starts in Britain falling last year, new research released from leading business and financial adviser Grant Thornton UK LLP, ahead of National Apprenticeship Week (5-9 March), finds that attitudes towards apprenticeship programmes are becoming more positive. According to provisional government statistics released in February 2018*, apprenticeship starts for the … Continue reading

France – Quelles compétences pour demain ?

Si la robotisation n’a pas pour effet de supprimer des postes, elle implique en revanche une transformation des métiers… et donc des compétences. Dans le secteur bancaire, où la relation client a été profondément réinventée, les personnels commerciaux doivent s’adapter à de nouvelles demandes et de nouveaux besoins. Chez HSBC, on a choisi de privilégier … Continue reading

TVET Coordination Mechanisms – The stimulus to review governance systems is less likely to come from within

Coordination is a wide-ranging term which this publication interprets as covering interaction between different ministries and government agencies at a national level; interaction between national, subnational and local structures and agencies; and interaction with social partners such as employers, trade unions and civil society organizations. The publication focuses primarily on the interaction between government ministries … Continue reading

Retirement – Between 2006 and 2016, the effective labour market exit age rose from 62 to about 64 years, on average across OECD countries

Although the average retirement age in OECD countries has remained relatively stable since 1970, longer life expectancy has increased the amount of time in retirement, from an average of 13 years (for women and men) in 1970 to 20 years in 2015. This threatens the financial sustainability of pension systems. As a result, many countries … Continue reading

Immigration in US – More college-educated immigrants than any other country

The United States is home to more college-educated immigrants than any other country. As of 2015, there were 14.7 million immigrants ages 25 and older with a postsecondary diploma or college degree living in the U.S. – more than triple the number in Canada (4.4 million) and more than four times as many as in the … Continue reading

Attitudes Towards Digital Skills around the World – 50 percent of respondents in China and India are ready to spend between one and five hours per week of their own time on improving them

The economic world is changing with unheard of impact and speed. How do people from different continents view this development? Do they consider their country’s reaction appropriate? How important is education in this matter – both at work and outside of it? The latest study ‘The Tech Divide – Industries and Employment’ offers answers to … Continue reading

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