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Social Media / Do You Still Need A Resume ?

Social Profiles Are Modes of Transportation For Your Resume

The primary challenge with many articles written by these forward-thinking bloggers is that they want to present a replacement to the resume when, in fact, they’re simply suggesting methods to modernize the vehicle in which your ‘career story’ travels.

It’s really no different than the evolution of transportation over the centuries from horse and carriage to ships, to trains, to automobiles and to airplanes. All of the listed methods are vehicles to transport your body. Similarly, the resume is a vehicle to transport your career message.

While LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook,, Twitter and all of the other social media venues offer a diversity of vehicles in which to situate components of your career story, the resume story itself is a separate living, breathing entity. It must regularly be analyzed, nourished and fueled with new content, maintaining a strong, muscular look and feel—robust and current language that speaks to the here and now and lifts the reader.

If managed well, a healthy and energized resume story will equip you with the words to funnel into your social media profiles.

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