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COVID in China – The worst job market in 20 years

China faces its worst job market in more than two decades, with tens of millions of people temporarily without work or unemployed in the first three months of 2020 and the number of jobs set to shrink by more than 10 million this year, according to UBS Group AG economists. About 70-80 million people in … Continue reading

Numeracy and Digital Literacy in China – Children in the AI arms race

Six months after Alpha Go’s stunning victory, I went to Shanghai to see firsthand how China’s schools can give them the edge. In 2013 the city’s teenagers gained global renown when they topped the charts in the PISA tests administered every three years by the OECD to see which country’s kids are the smartest in … Continue reading

Youth Minimum Wage – It exerts a substantial negative impact on their employment rate

This paper performs a cross-country level analysis on the impact of the level of specific youth minimum wages on the labor market performance of young individuals. We use information on the use and level of youth minimum wages, as compared to the level of adult minimum wages as well as to the median wage (i.e., … Continue reading

US Trade with China – It costs 3.4 million US jobs between 2001 and 2017

Each $1 billion in exports to another country from the United States supports some American jobs. However, each $1 billion in imports from another country leads to job loss—by eliminating existing jobs and preventing new job creation—as imports displace goods that otherwise would have been made in the United States by domestic workers.3 The net … Continue reading

Automation in China – Delivery firm is moving to embrace it (video)

Orange robots at the company’s sorting stations are able to identify the destination of a package through a code-scan, virtually eliminating sorting mistakes. Shentong’s army of robots can sort up to 200,000 packages a day, and are self-charging, meaning they are operational 24/7. The company estimates its robotic sorting system is saving around 70-percent of … Continue reading

China – No acute skills gap, but a lack of soft skills report says

As China moves towards a services- and knowledge-driven economy, one of the main constraints will lie in the ability of its workforce to gain the requisite skills and knowledge to make the transition to a high-income country. There is little evidence to suggest that China suffers from an acute skills gap across wide occupational areas. … Continue reading

China – The sex-ratio effects of family planning policies

China’s family planning policies are one set of the most fundamental social policies in China and are more complex than the simplified notion of a one-child policy. The Chinese government initiated the family planning policies in 1962; the well-known one-child policy had only been implemented since 1980. Even after 1980, there were considerable regional and … Continue reading

China – New guidelines for displaced workers

China etched in details of plans to help workers laid off from the bloated coal and steel industries, saying assistance would include career counseling, early retirement and help in starting businesses, among other measures. New guidelines released by seven Chinese ministries over the weekend build on previously announced commitments to restructure the coal and steel … Continue reading

China – Labour protections are coming under fire

China’s labour protections are coming under fire from high places as economic restructuring pits officials concerned about social stability against a lobby arguing inflexible policies are stifling job creation and suppressing wages. Company executives, especially at foreign or private firms, have long been critical of labour contract legislation and minimum wage laws that make it … Continue reading

China – Steelmaker to cut 50,000 jobs

The global crisis hammering the steel industry is beginning to be felt in China, where one of the country’s biggest producers has said it may let go 50,000 of its 80,000-strong workforce. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  Chinese steelmaker readies 50,000 jobs cuts as industry crisis deepens

China – A plan to push back retirement

China has the world’s lowest retirement age. Chinese officials want to shed that distinction. The average retirement age in China is 55, younger age than any other country, a senior social security minister said this week. As a result, he said, officials will soon unveil a plan to push back the country’s retirement age, which … Continue reading

China – What is the real unemployment rate?

What is China’s Unemployment Rate? 4.1% For what month, what year? Doesn’t matter the answer is still 4.1%. That’s a slight exaggeration but for the last 3 years the unemployment rate has been 4.1% almost every month. Indeed, since 2002 the official unemployment rate has varied between 3.9% and 4.3%, an absurdly smooth series. In contrast to … Continue reading

Online Shops in China – Over 10 million jobs have been created in 2014

Over 10 million jobs have been created in 2014 by online shops in China, with over half of them run by enterprising college students, a media report said today. Nearly 60 per cent of online shops operated by individuals rather than enterprises are run by either college students or college graduates, the People’s Daily reported … Continue reading

Vocational Education in China – More than 3,000 new programs last year

Vocational colleges in China established more than 3,000 new programs last year to meet the demand of emerging sectors and to cater to people’s needs, said a report released on Wednesday. The programs subjects, such as the Internet of Things, senior care, community administration, new energy and urban transit, are urgently needed to accommodate plans … Continue reading

Vocational Education in China – More than 130 million people have graduated since 1996

More than 130 million people have graduated from vocational schools and colleges in China since a law on vocational education was promulgated in September 1996, the top legislator said in a report Monday. Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, the top legislature, said in a report delivered to the ongoing … Continue reading

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