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Economic Immigration in Canada – The pathways

WHAT IS ECONOMIC IMMIGRATION? The ability to contribute to Canada’s economy, whether as workers, investors or business owners, and entrepreneurs, is what distinguishes economic immigrants from other types of immigrants. Canada recognizes three other categories of immigrants and has policies to facilitate their admission: Immigrants sponsored by family: persons who are granted permanent resident status … Continue reading

Labor Shortages in US – Filling talent gaps with “missing workers”

As of May 2022, there were a near-record 5.3 million more job openings than available workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet at the same time, there are 5.7 million persons who want a job now but are not currently looking for one. These missing workers can be classified into two groups of … Continue reading

Working from Home – A guide for virtual interviews and for starting a new job online

More people are working from home than ever before, and job hunters are asking employers for the flexibility to choose their own workspace. But remote work means remote interviews. Here’s everything you need to know about virtual interviews and starting a new job online. Content : REMOTE WORK HAS CHANGED JOB HUNTING Are you ready … Continue reading

Future of Work – Initiatives at O*NET Resource Center

There is a great deal of interest in changing technological, social, and environmental factors and the effect they may have on the future of work. In all likelihood, in the future, new types of jobs will be added, some existing jobs will be lost, and the nature of work in other jobs will change. For … Continue reading

Job Search – A guide for health and wellness during job hunt

A prolonged job search is a pain. Literally. The pressure to secure a job over a long period of time is stressful and frustrating. And it’s easy to lose yourself in the process by prioritizing the need of employment over your personal health and wellness. Here’s a secret: taking care of your mind, body, and … Continue reading

Retraining Funding and Supports in Canada – A guide by province and territory

The onset of the pandemic triggered 2.7 million job losses across industries. While Canada’s labour market recently showed signs of growth, there is also a rise in job vacancies as some workers re-evaluate their career goals and work-life values. According to Randstad Canada, 43% of working Canadians say they are likely to look for a … Continue reading

Work-Based Learning in Vocational Education and Training – A guide to monitoring and evaluating

Interested in managing existing work-based learning schemes by incorporating monitoring and evaluation methods? Following a brief discussion of the concept of work-based learning, this handbook presents the rationale for monitoring and evaluation as part of good governance. The functioning of work-based learning schemes is represented by a process model comprising four stages: input, process, output … Continue reading

Improving Public Employment Services – Diagnostic tool and guide

Improving PES effectiveness is not a straightforward process; it entails parallel and simultaneous balancing efforts at both policy-making and operational levels. Engaging targeted action on various fronts can prove to be complex and often raises the question of how to reconcile conflicting priorities and competing agendas with increasing budget deficits. Using these guide and tool, … Continue reading

Tools for Career Counseling – Tests, Forms and Questionnaires

If career counseling sparks your interest & you want to help your students or clients with tests and questions, this article is for you. There are many career counseling tests and questionnaires you can use with your students and clients. They comprise both personality and aptitude tests. Let’s look at some of them now. The … Continue reading

The European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) – What is it ?

ESCO works as a dictionary, describing, identifying and classifying professional occupations and skills relevant for the EU labour market and education and training. Those concepts and the relationships between them can be understood by electronic systems, which allows different online platforms to use ESCO for services like matching jobseekers to jobs on the basis of … Continue reading

Skill Needs – A guide for survey and forecast

The world of work is being impacted by a fourth industrial revolution, transformed by artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. With forecasts suggesting large shares of workers, displaced by automation, in need of upskilling/reskilling, the design of active skills policies is necessary. Conventional methods used to anticipate technological change and changing skill needs, such as … Continue reading

(Update) Pathways and Job Transitions in Canada – OpportuNext, a new free tool

The global pandemic has hit Canada’s employment landscape hard and forced many Canadians to transition to new opportunities in search of stability. Many jobs in industries such as travel, hospitality and retail have temporarily vanished, causing tens of thousands of people to look for new employment opportunities. Helping Canadians adapt to these very real and … Continue reading

Pathways and Job Transitions in Canada – A model

As part of our series on Employability Skills , this primer explains how we determine potential job transitions for Canadian workers considering a career change. We identify potential transitions for Canadian workers seeking new career opportunities that are both viable and desirable. In order to assess potential job transitions, we applied the U.S.-based O*NET occupational … Continue reading

Upskilling and Reskilling in UK – Government’s landmark programme : Lifetime Skills Guarantee

In September 2020, the UK government announced a Lifetime Skills Guarantee, which aims to transform the training and skills system to ensure more people can gain sought-after skills and improve their career prospects. We’ve put together this Lifetime Skills Guarantee FAQ to help you get the funded training you may be eligible for under this … Continue reading

Workforce Ecosystems – When thinking of your organization’s workforce, who comes to mind?

When thinking of your organization’s workforce, who comes to mind? Do you think of just full-time employees? Or do you think of everyone who contributes to your organization’s success? Our latest research finds that 87% of managers include contractors, gig workers, service providers, and even bots in their organization’s workforce, but only 28% feel sufficiently … Continue reading

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