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Workforce Planning – A toolkit

The Workforce Planning Connect toolkit is a comprehensive resource designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises through the workforce planning process. The toolkit can be used to develop a complete workforce plan or to address a specific workforce challenge, opportunity or need within a business. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Downloads … Continue reading

Internships in UK – A Guide by CIPD

Internships that work gives comprehensive guidance to help employers start an internship scheme or improve their existing programme. It covers all the main issues surrounding internships, including: helping interns and business get the most out of internships guidance on how much to pay interns the best way to recruit interns creating a good induction process … Continue reading

Career Choice in Canada – A highly personalized tool : the RBC Upskill

A highly personalized career tool that takes stock of your career-relevant skills. Enables career exploration and identifies different career possibilities based on your unique skills and interests. Incorporates the latest Canadian labour market data on job demand, projected growth, automation and earning potential. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at RBC Upskill

Delivering Digital Skills – A guide

This guide shares nine steps to preparing the workforce for digital transformation, and 10 case studies that show skills provision in practice. Key findings: To learn new skills, people in work need access to multiple services: We have found nine components for building learning ecosystems that adapt to changes in skills demand and support individuals … Continue reading

Skills in US – O*NET Database and websites updated

The 23.2 release of the O*NET database includes the following: 339 technology skills related to 133 occupations were updated from employer job postings and other sources. Currently, 186 “hot technologies” are identified. 150 alternate titles related to 84 occupations were added from employer job postings and other sources.   Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read … Continue reading

Hiring Discrimination – Callback rates nearly 50% higher for applicants with “white” names

A different name alone can dramatically decrease the chances of being invited to a job interview. In the United States, a pioneering study found that the callback rate for a job interview was nearly 50% higher for applicants with “white” names (Emily Walsh and Greg Baker) than for otherwise similar persons with African-American names (Lakisha … Continue reading

Digital Skills – A toolkit for developing a digital skills strategy

This toolkit provides stakeholders with guidance on developing a digital skills strategy. It is intended for policymakers, along with partners in the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and academia. Its overarching aim is to facilitate the development of a comprehensive digital skills strategy at country level. It is also possible to use this guide to focus … Continue reading

Implementing Technology-Focused Apprenticeship – Nine common issues and strategies

The goal of this report is to highlight effective employer engagement practices and identify key lessons learned from implementing technology-focused apprenticeship programs. To identify effective practices, JFF interviewed eight individuals who are implementing these types of programs through the American Apprenticeship Initiative (AAI) to answer four questions: 1. How are tech apprenticeship programs engaging employers? … Continue reading

Effective Work-Based Learning – Core Principles

To help employers create high-quality work-based learning programs, JFF has identified seven key principles for effective work-based learning models.These principles offer guidelines for developing features that will increase the number of individuals who access and complete work- based learning experiences, acquire skills and knowledge valued by employers, and enter and advance in careers. According to … Continue reading

Skills – The Life Skills for Europe (LSE) Framework

The Life Skills for Europe (LSE) Framework offers an overarching framework for life skills learning that is applicable across Europe. The framework aims to establish a common understanding of life skills by defining eight key types of capabilities necessary to be an active participant in life and work. For each capability there are two aspects, … Continue reading

Talent War – Former employees and workforce returnees, two groups you can’t Ignore

In the ever-escalating war for talent, companies may be overlooking two valuable groups: former employees and workforce returnees. Alumni are a known entity—hiring managers have far more information on these candidates than on a typical hire—and they’re already familiar with the company’s culture and standards. And the pool of workforce returnees (people who left the … Continue reading

Supporting people with English language needs to access apprenticeships in UK – A guide

This guide has been developed by Learning and Work Institute as part of a wider project, undertaken at the request of the Department for Education (DfE), to understand and address barriers to apprenticeships for those with English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) needs. The project aimed to: • establish how and to what extent … Continue reading

The Top Criminal Justice Career Profiles – A sampling of the many career opportunities

The world of criminal justice represents diverse opportunities for employment. No matter whether you’re interested in crime scene analysis, law enforcement, court administration or criminal psychology, a vast array of career options open up when you earn a master’s in criminal justice. Not sure where to start? Here’s a sampling of the many career opportunities … Continue reading

Resumes : Don’t Be too Short – New study reveals that recruiters are 2.3 times as likely to prefer two-page resumes over one-page resumes

Whether a resume should go beyond one page in length has always been a widely controversial topic. Those who believe that resumes should always be a single page generally claim that hiring managers lose patience when reading through unnecessarily long resumes. On the other hand, proponents of longer resumes argue that they have more space … Continue reading

Outil – Un référentiel de compétences pour le CNP 6421 Vendeurs, commis vendeurs, commerce détail

Voici un référentiel de compétences pour le CNP 6421 Vendeurs, commis vendeurs, commerce détail Le référentiel comprend les : les qualifications professionnelles (QP) les connaissances requises (CR) les compétences clés (CC). Note méthodologique et sources : Il s’agit d’une adaptation et de traductions libres le la NOS (National occupationnal standard), UK, Evidence Requirements for the Retail … Continue reading

Jobs – Offres d’emploi – US & Canada (Eng. & Fr.)

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