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Current and Future Skills Needs in UK – Core transferable skills are often under-invested in by firms in comparison to firm-specific skills

This report provides an overview of the Skills and Productivity Board’s work to document the skills needs of the economy now and in future, with a view to identifying skills mismatches and growing areas of skills needs, both across the economy as a whole and in a small number of priority areas (Health, Science and … Continue reading

Skills in Ontario – A need for a robust and responsive skills development ecosystem that helps people

The nature of work in Ontario is changing rapidly and to help build the resilience of individuals and businesses, as they prepare for the future of work, the next provincial government needs to strengthen the design and delivery of skills development in Ontario. Ontario’s skills development ecosystem needs to deliver Ontario needs a robust and … Continue reading

LMI on Skills in UK – Priorities for improvements

Better alignment between the skills employers demand and those people have can improve productivity, leading to better outcomes for individuals and businesses. Quality Labour Market Information (LMI) can help identify where and how to achieve better skills alignment. The Board supports DfE’s plans for the new Unit for Future Skills (UFS), which has the aim … Continue reading

UK Manufacturing Skills – Empowering employer and education provider partnerships along with regional bodies

The All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group recommends that government empowers industry and education provider partnerships to ensure a manufacturing workforce fit for the future. Today Policy Connect and the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group publish their latest report: Supporting UK manufacturing Skills in a post Covid-19 world. The report outlines how the government can support the development … Continue reading

Skill Disruption Index – The key skills in the average job have changed 37% in five years

The key skills in the average job have changed 37% in five years. Track the change with our new Skill Disruption Index. Based on analysis of more than 15 million job postings, this research demonstrates that the top 20 skills requested for the average job in the US have changed in the last five years, … Continue reading

Skill Building in UK – Future Proof, Skills for Work Program

The way we work is changing rapidly. The ongoing digitisation of jobs and workplaces means that today’s workers need to be more adaptable, and more resilient, than ever before. But 42% of the workforce – 13.6 million people – don’t have even the minimum standard of digital skills required for work. These people are more … Continue reading

Future of Work in Latin America and the Caribbean – Most in-demand occupations and emerging skills

The third issue of The Future of Work in Latin America and the Caribbean series combines new and traditional labor market data sources to understand what are the most in-demand occupations and skills in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Using LinkedIn data, we introduce “the Labor Market GPS”, a tool aimed at helping workers transition from … Continue reading

Skills – Data Literacy yield dramatic benefits and is recognized as paramount for all workers

Data literacy is the ability to explore, understand, and communicate with data. Closing the analytics skills gap, it helps companies build a thriving data culture, and more. Organizations are collecting and processing more data than ever. However, the ability of workers to understand, analyze, and use that data for better decision-making and advancing enterprise goals … Continue reading

Adult Learning in Europe – Those least likely to participate are also those most likely to agree that they lack general and technical skills to carry out their job at the required level

Strong belief in the value of learning and the pressing need for skills are not enough to motivate adults to participate in lifelong learning In 2019, Cedefop launched a pan-European opinion survey on adult learning and continuing vocational education and training (CVET). Demographic trends and technological change increase the need for adults to learn and … Continue reading

Skills Vacancies in Canada – Their costs rose from $15 billion in 2015 to $25 billion in 2020

When an employer is hiring, they are looking for a set of skills to complete a series of tasks. Until the employer can recruit a new employee, the needed skills remain missing. Job vacancies can thus be thought of as skill-set vacancies, or as unfilled skills demand. Such sought-after skills are valuable. Salaries or wages reflect, in … Continue reading

Career Planning and Skills – Determining viable occupation alternatives and skills gaps

Disruptions to labour markets caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with some sectors of the economy shedding jobs and others frantically searching for workers, made one thing clear. Workers’ ability to quickly identify and take advantage of emerging employment opportunities will determine their resilience, over the short and long terms. To help Canadians make the best … Continue reading

Green Transition and Skills in Canada – 3.1 million jobs will be disrupted over the next 10 years

Green Collar Jobs is the latest report in RBC Economics and Thought Leadership’s climate series, building from the team’s flagship report, The $2 Trillion Transition, which was launched in October 2021. This climate series is designed to inform and inspire Canadian prosperity, while advancing RBC’s ongoing commitment to speak up for smart climate solutions, a … Continue reading

Immigration and Skills – For better quality labor pathways for foreign-born workers

Because there is no explicit general definition of a high-skilled versus low-skilled worker, such categorizations are often arbitrary and sometimes even contradictory. To increase the overall complexity of their economies, and thus boost growth, high-income countries need a much broader variety of abilities than the traditional low- and high-skill dichotomy, which is solely based on … Continue reading

Skills – What are they ? (video)

Skills in US – The T-profile and Badges

In the Fall of 2018, the Education Design Lab (Lab), launched Tee Up the Skills with seven two- and four-year colleges and universities across the U.S. The year-long pilot paired each school with at least one employer partner to understand how the Lab’s 21st Century Skills Digital Badges could improve students’ career readiness and serve … Continue reading

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