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Seniors Care Workers in Canada – Well-below the international average : 100,000 are wanted

Canada’s number of seniors care workers, relative to the senior population receiving care, is well-below the international average. In Canada, as in many other countries, the growth in the number of nurses and personal support workers providing institutional, residential, home and community care has not kept pace with the growth of the senior population. The … Continue reading

International Students in Canada – An increasing number have engaged in the labour market over the past decade

The number of international students has grown considerably worldwide, primarily from developing countries to Western developed countries. In recent years, Canada has led other major Western countries in the growth of international students. The opportunity for international students to work in Canada after graduation and to potentially become permanent residents, and ultimately Canadian citizens, is … Continue reading

Salary trends in Canada – 65% of workers are seriously considering leaving their current role

Did you know more than half of your team is ready to resign and move onto their next opportunity? Our Salary Guide reveals that 65% of workers are seriously considering leaving their current role, meanwhile 40% of you also told us you’re losing talent to higher pay being offered somewhere else. The great reset to … Continue reading

Covid au Canada – L’aide du gouvernement a atténué les effets dans le secteur du divertissement et des loisir

L’industrie du divertissement et des loisirs a été touchée par les restrictions mises en place pour limiter la propagation de la COVID-19. En 2020, les revenus d’exploitation combinés des entreprises de cette industrie ont chuté de 19,9 % pour atteindre 9,9 milliards de dollars, et le produit intérieur brut (dollars enchaînés de 2012) de l’industrie a reculé de 35,6 %. Cependant, la baisse … Continue reading

Day Trading in Canada – More Canadians have turned to it following the pandemic

Although most Canadians are returning to in-person work, a significant rise in day traders observed throughout the pandemic shows no signs of letting up. With COVID-19 causing many Canadians to re-evaluate their financial standing, untold thousands have turned to day trading as a means of generating income (or at least attempting to). In fact, major … Continue reading

Population Aging in Canada – Would need to settle 2.85 million new Canadians immediately

If Canada was to rely solely on immigration to address the impending labour force shortage, it would need to settle 2.85 million new Canadians immediately in order to return to the 2019 OAD ratio. And arrivals would need, on average, to exceed 1.7 million people annually over the next decade to maintain that OAD ratio. … Continue reading

Minimum Wage in Canada – Who earns it (infographic)

Source: who-earns-the-minimum-wage-in-canada-infographic-canada.jpg | Fraser Institute Over the past decade all Canadian provinces have raised their real (inflation-adjusted) minimum wage. The size of these increases has varied considerably from place to place. The four largest provinces implemented particularly large increases. These ranged from 20.2 percent in Quebec to 46.4 percent in Alberta. One of the most … Continue reading

Upskilling in Canada – Needs to Plug Gaps

Automation, digital innovation, globalization and demographic shifts have been reshaping the labor market, leading to some long-term structural changes and redefining the skills required to maintain a productive workforce – a trend that has been amplified by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our study shows Canada still stands below the top-performing countries in skills … Continue reading

Covid in Canada – The Worker Lockdown Benefit

Canada is on the road to economic recovery and employment is now back to pre-pandemic levels. This is thanks to the resilience of employers and hard work of Canadians. The government is making adjustments to pandemic income support programs to reflect the new phase of the recovery. The government is moving from broad-based programs to … Continue reading

L’Assurance-Emploi au Canada – Proposition de réforme de l’Institut de recherche et d’informations socioéconomiques (IRIS)

Avec l’annonce de la fin de la PCRE (Prestation canadienne de la relance économique) hier, la vétusté du régime canadien d’assurance-emploi mise de l’avant par la pandémie de COVID-19 devient intenable. En mettant en place la Prestation canadienne d’urgence (PCU), le premier ministre Justin Trudeau s’était lui-même engagé à mettre en place « un régime digne … Continue reading

Gig Workers and EI in Canada – There is no easy solution

There is no easy solution to the challenge of including gig workers or self-employed workers in Canada’s Employment Insurance (EI) system, according to a new report released by the C.D. Howe Institute. In “Should ‘gig’ Workers be Covered by the EI regime? The Challenges and Pitfalls,” author David Gray casts an evaluative lens on the … Continue reading

Labour Market Recovery after Covid in Canada – How broad the reach of it will be is very much an open question

The Canadian labor market experienced a period of unprecedented turmoil following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We analyze the main changes using standard labor force statistics and new data on job postings. Envisaging a phase of temporary severing of employment relationships followed by a phase of more standard labor market search and matching, we … Continue reading

Pénurie de Main-d’Oeuvre au Canada – Comment s’y adapter ?

La présente étude est fondée sur les résultats de deux sondages réalisés par BDC : un sondage sur les conditions du marché du travail mené en mai 2021 auprès de 1 251 entrepreneurs canadiens, et un sondage mené en juin 2021 auprès de 3 000 Canadiens sur leur emploi ainsi que les défis qui y … Continue reading

Middle Class in Canada – The policy changes required

In the 30 years after World War II there was a remarkable growth in the Canadian standard of living. Average real weekly earnings grew at a rate that more than doubled every 28 years. The typical family not only experienced a steady material improvement, but parents could expect that their children would have double their … Continue reading

COVID-19 Recession in Canada – The C.D. Howe Institute Business Cycle Council declares the end of it

The C.D. Howe Institute’s Business Cycle Council, Canada’s main arbiter of business cycle dates, has declared an end to the COVID-19 recession. The Council decided on August 9 to declare an end to the recession that began in March 2020. It judged that the recovery from the recession is now prolonged and sustained enough to … Continue reading

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