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Les Microcertifications au Canada – Rempliront-t-elles leurs promesses ?

Les gouvernements doivent être attentifs à la manière dont les microcertifications sont développées et au rôle qu’elles jouent dans l’éducation et la formation au Canada. Les employeurs reconnaissent qu’il est logique d’investir dans la formation de la main-d’œuvre pour combler les lacunes en matière de compétences. Travailleurs et employeurs s’entendent sur l’utilité de formations courtes … Continue reading

Skilled Trades in Canada – To do more to attract young Canadians

Latest research from the annual 3M State of Science Index reveals an overwhelming 96 per cent of Canadians agree that the country’s workforce needs more skilled trades workers. Inspiring and supporting the next generation of skilled workers will be crucial to Canada’s economic recovery and addressing Canada’s growing labour shortage. Despite Canadians thinking highly of … Continue reading

Labour Shortages in Canada – Labour markets haven’t been this tight in decades

In nearly every Canadian industry and across every sector, a historic labour shortage is hitting companies hard. As of June 2022, businesses posted almost 70% more job openings in Canada than pre-pandemic. But these firms were competing for 13% fewer unemployed workers than were available in February 2020. The impact is severe: more than half … Continue reading

Inflation in Canada (June 2022) – 8.1% year over year, the largest yearly change since January 1983

The rate of consumer inflation continued to rise, reaching 8.1% year over year in June, following a 7.7% gain in May. The increase was the largest yearly change since January 1983. The acceleration in June was mainly due to higher prices for gasoline, however, price increases remained broad-based with seven of eight major components rising … Continue reading

Economic Immigration in Canada – The pathways

WHAT IS ECONOMIC IMMIGRATION? The ability to contribute to Canada’s economy, whether as workers, investors or business owners, and entrepreneurs, is what distinguishes economic immigrants from other types of immigrants. Canada recognizes three other categories of immigrants and has policies to facilitate their admission: Immigrants sponsored by family: persons who are granted permanent resident status … Continue reading

Immigration Economic Impacts in Canada – What the evidence says overall

International studies of advanced economies often show an increase in immigration to be associated with a modest increase in GDP per capita. Research by the IMF suggests that “Immigration significantly increases GDP per capita in advanced economies.” A study of OECD countries found that increases in immigration lead to proportionate but smallincreases in GDP per capita. … Continue reading

COVID and Youth in Canada – Facing career “scarring” and learning losses post-pandemic

Canada’s youth face career scarring and learning losses post-pandemic, according to a new report released by the C.D. Howe Institute. In “Lives Put on Hold: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Canada’s Youth,” authors Parisa Mahboubi and Amira Higazy find that youth were disproportionally affected by work and education disruptions, which if left unaddressed, … Continue reading

L’emploi au Québec (juin 2022) – Diminution de 27 000, une deuxième baisse en trois mois

L’emploi au Québec a diminué de 27 000 en juin (-0,6 %), ce qui représente une deuxième baisse en trois mois. Les reculs les plus marqués sont survenus dans les ressources naturelles ainsi que dans l’information, la culture et les loisirs. Des hausses notables ont toutefois été enregistrées dans les services professionnels, scientifiques et techniques … Continue reading

Inflation and Bank of Canada – No “soft landing” history tells us

History tells us that the Bank of Canada has a 0% success rate in fighting inflation by quickly raising interest rates. If a pilot told me that they’d only ever attempted a particular landing three times in the past 60 years with a 0% success rate, that’s not a plane I’d want to be on. … Continue reading

Immigration in Canada – In charts

A wave of new Canadians is coming—and just in time. As our population gets older and birth rates decline we’ll face a range of challenges in supporting aging cohorts and sustaining growth. Increased immigration and better utilization of existing pools of talent can power the transition. RBC Economics explains why in 9 charts:   Chosen … Continue reading

Aging Baby Boomers in Canada – Their participation has surpassed earlier generations in their 60s

The large wave of baby boomers—individuals born between 1946 and 1965—accounted for 31% of the Canadian population in 2000, when they were in their prime ages of 35 to 54, and 24% of the total population in 2020, when they were older adults aged 55 to 74.1 Because of their sheer numbers, baby boomers have … Continue reading

 L’Immigration et la Main-d’œuvre au Canada – En 2020, environ 67 % travaillaient au Canada avant d’immigrer

Au cours des années 2010, les travailleurs immigrants ont été à l’origine de 84 % de la croissance de la population active totale et de 55 % de la croissance observée dans les emplois hautement spécialisés et moyennement spécialisés, et ils ont permis de contrebalancer la baisse enregistrée dans les emplois peu spécialisés parmi les travailleurs nés au Canada. Depuis 2010, … Continue reading

L’Inflation au Canada (mai 2022) – 7,7 % d’une année à l’autre, la plus forte hausse annuelle observée depuis janvier 1983

Les Canadiens ont continué à ressentir les répercussions de la hausse des prix en mai, l’inflation ayant augmenté de 7,7 % d’une année à l’autre. Il s’agit de la plus forte hausse annuelle observée depuis janvier 1983 et d’une augmentation par rapport à la hausse de 6,8 % enregistrée en avril. Sans l’essence, l’IPC a … Continue reading

Value of Skill Vacancies in Canada – $25 billion in 2020, which is equivalent to 1.3 per cent of GDP

This issue briefing looks at the economic cost to Canada of being unable to fill all the demand for skills. We estimate that the unrealized value of skill vacancies in the Canadian economy was $25 billion in 2020, which is equivalent to 1.3 per cent of GDP. This represents the sum of the unrealized skill … Continue reading

Temporary Agricultural Workers in Canada – How to strengthen programs with the arrival of large numbers of Central Americans

The arrival of large numbers of Central Americans at the U.S.-Mexico border in recent years and the complex motivations driving them to leave their countries has once more demonstrated the need for comprehensive strategies to manage migration through the region. The lion’s share of these migrants come from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, and poverty, … Continue reading

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