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Job Search / Your online profile could harm

We’ve all searched our own name online (come on, admit it), but how many of us have really checked out our search results thoroughly? And how many of us might be more vigilant if we thought a potential employer was doing exactly the same thing?

We spoke to online profile management experts Veribo to find out how to look after your reputation online and what employers will notice.

They explained: “It’s imperative that everybody protects their name, or at least understands what is returned in search results and how they can control their online reputation.”

So we asked:

What are the typical things about people’s online presence that puts employers off?

Obviously pictures that are inappropriate or explicit, and any derogatory, offensive or even illegal comments you’ve made.

Also if you’ve been involved in anything that’s made the news, be aware of any reports that paint you in a bad light.

Less obviously, being a fan or liking inappropriate groups that you may have thought were relevant or funny years ago can be a problem. You may have forgotten them but they could still be linked to your social media profiles and have been known to be taken into consideration.

Also, talking negatively about previous employers can be extremely damaging, especially if it is private information you are likely to be contractually obliged not to disclose.

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via Your online profile: could it harm your job prospects? – Yahoo! Lifestyle UK.

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