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Job Search with Mobile Devices / 30% of Simply Hired Traffic

A new Simply Hired® study details how people are using mobile devices in their job search. The analysis crunches data on more than 30 million job seekers to deliver new insight into how and why people are using mobile devices as compared to traditional online job search. The data paints a new picture of the mobile candidate as a highly engaged job seeker with unique needs and behaviors, and indicates areas where recruiters must evolve in order to keep up.

Key finding: The mobile audience is universal

Simply Hired found that 30% of its job search traffic came from mobile devices. They expect this number to climb to 50% by the end of 2015, with usage spread across platforms and job categories.

  • Mobile candidates come from all platforms: Users primarily use Android (44%), with iOS (29%) and Windows (26%) following closely behind. Additionally, 75% of all job clicks came from mobile phones and 25% came from their tablet.
  • Mobile isn’t just for the millennial generation and tech geeks: The #1 most active category for mobile job search was office and administrative (14% of clicks from mobile), followed by healthcare practitioners (13% of clicks from mobile).
  • Position matters more on mobile: Mobile users are more likely to click on the top 3 search results compared to desktop users (35% to 25%).

Key finding: Mobile users are serious, not snacking

Data from Simply Hired revealed that mobile candidates are not just killing time or \’snacking\’ on opportunities, but more engaged than the average desktop candidate when it comes to spending time with job listings.

  • Mobile users stay longer and interact more: Mobile users are 30% more likely to have a second session in the same month. They click on 60% more job postings and they spend longer looking at those jobs (+27%). They also spend 25% more time on the site and view more jobs (+25%).

Key finding: Job seekers switch from mobile to desktop when it is time to dig deeper

The Simply Hired study found that job seekers use both mobile and desktop – but at different times, for different reasons. While behavior differs by channel, recruiters need to deliver a consistent experience to most effectively support candidates.

  • Job seekers turn to different channels at different times: Mobile job search peaks on Monday (18%) and hits a low point on Saturday (10%). The primetime for mobile job search is between 8 and 9 p.m. compared to 11:30 a.m. for desktop.
  • Mobile users more likely to switch to desktop to investigate: The study shows that mobile users revisit the same job 60% more than desktop users. When mobile users revisit the job for the second time, they are more likely to view it using a desktop.

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via Simply Hired® Releases New Data on the Mobile Job Seeker | Simply Hired.

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