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Job Search in Scotland – More than 40% of traffic is now from mobile users

Scottish job seekers are increasingly looking for their next career move on mobile devices, according to the country’s leading recruitment platform.  s1jobs most recent data reports that more than 40% of traffic to their site is now from mobile users, signalling a huge mind shift in how people now view the job hunt and application … Continue reading

Job Search With Mobile Devices – 9 in 10 use them finds Glassdoor

According to a Glassdoor survey released today, more job seekers and employees are using their mobile devices during the job search process, and they’re doing it more frequently. Nine in 10 (89%) job seekers report they’re likely to use a mobile device during their job search in the next 12 months, up seven percentage points … Continue reading

Job Search and Hiring / The Smartphone Revolution

Nearly one-third of google searches for “jobs” come from mobile devices, making the smartphone the engine of choice for job seekers and recruiters alike Continue reading

Mobile for Job Search / Is it used widespread among Hispanics ?

Question: Is  mobile’s  use for job searches widespread among  Hispanics?   Is it a prevalent form among companies to  seek employees through mobile? Luis Salazar: “In this segment, more than 60% of workers prefer to use their mobile devices for job search; however, only 15% of employment sites allow to complete applications from a smart … Continue reading

Job Search with Mobile Devices / 30% of Simply Hired Traffic

A new Simply Hired® study details how people are using mobile devices in their job search. The analysis crunches data on more than 30 million job seekers to deliver new insight into how and why people are using mobile devices as compared to traditional online job search. The data paints a new picture of the mobile … Continue reading

US / 68 percent of high school students say that they access the Internet via a 3G/4G mobile device

Education is at a critical juncture in the United States. It is vital for workforce development and economic prosperity, yet is in need of serious reform. American education was designed for agrarian and industrial eras, and does not provide all the skills needed for a 21st century economy. This creates major problems for young people … Continue reading

Job search / Going mobile

Companies that have embraced mobile job applications, such as McDonald’s, Macy’s and Frisch’s, say they can more quickly identify and match candidates to job openings. And job seekers, such as Teppe, say they can more conveniently search for jobs and decide which suit them best. “It used to be you had to strap on a … Continue reading

Mobile Job Search (Infographic)

In a recent survey from Glassdoor, 89% of employees who will look for a new job in the next year say their mobile device is an important tool and resource for their job search. Plus, they’re not just turning to their mobile devices to look for jobs – more than half (54 percent) read company … Continue reading

Smartphones and Workalcholism

With today’s technology, the traditional 8-hour workday is becoming obsolete (and nearly impossible). Smartphones, which give us easy access to things like social media, texting, and e-mail, are making it easier and easier to stay connected around the clock. Unfortunately, it appears we are becoming addicted to being plugged into work 24 hours a day, … Continue reading

Does 275 webOS layoffs mark the end of HP tablets? |

When Meg Whitman declared late last year that WebOS tablets would be made again in 2013, the concept was met with hope by developers… The releases occurred today, but it wasn’t what most expected. Rather than simply software people, many of the 275 employees released worked on the hardware… via Does 275 webOS layoffs mark … Continue reading

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