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Job Search in Tech and Digital – The Mashable Job Board

Are you on the job hunt? The Mashable Job Board is the ideal place to search for your next big move. More than 3,000 employers in tech and digital have posted on our board, and they’re looking to fill positions from Mashable’s community. via 200+ Job Openings at Amazon, Pandora, Tory Burch and More.

Job Search – 6 Game-changing trends for you (Infographic)

The infographic below — compiled by CareerShift, a comprehensive job hunting and career management solution — shares six new trends impacting job seekers. It’s time to ante up and use these game-changing trends to help you score big on the job field. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at 6 Job Search Trends … Continue reading

Job Search in US – Find a Job Center

American Job Centers can help you look for work and offer classes like resume writing. Many states offer business services to help employers hire, retain and train workers. via America’s Service Locator: Find an American Job Center.

Job Search in Scotland – More than 40% of traffic is now from mobile users

Scottish job seekers are increasingly looking for their next career move on mobile devices, according to the country’s leading recruitment platform.  s1jobs most recent data reports that more than 40% of traffic to their site is now from mobile users, signalling a huge mind shift in how people now view the job hunt and application … Continue reading

Job Interview – 10 Things that must be said

There is a ton of advice out there about what not to say in an interview don’t badmouth your boss, don’t ask about salary in the first five minutes, etc.. But how do you know what you must say in an interview? How can you influence the recruiter so she knows, without a doubt, that … Continue reading

Job Search – Apply for what you’re qualified for

People applying for job after job might easily imagine cold-hearted hiring managers simply tossing piles of resumes into the trash, without even giving them a look. Yet applicants such as Mr. Management compound the problems created by a flood of resumes, a scarcity of jobs and overworked recruiters doing more with less, like everybody else. … Continue reading

Job Search – ‘Hire my Friend’ by a London startup

Looking for a job when already employed is awkward. Companies prefer personal referrals to using recruiters and job boards, but asking one’s friends or professional network for help can be daunting and slow. And of course there’s the worry that your current employer will catch on. London-based Makeshift, a startup that makes web tools for other startups, has created a simple … Continue reading

Job Search with Job Clubs

Here are the guidelines they offer to people who want to start one: Purpose First things first, right? Why do you want to form yet another job search support group? Don’t get us  wrong: we are NOT trying to talk you out of it. Rather, we want you to think first, then decide. Types of … Continue reading

Job Search / The longer a person is unemployed, the less it matters which method is used

Each month, every unemployed CPS respondent answers the question “What have you been doing in the last four weeks to find work?” The survey allows respondents to indicate one or more methods from a list of seven or, after 1994, 13. The methods are broadly categorized as either “active” or “passive.” An active job search … Continue reading

Online Job Search / Common Mistakes

Avoid these 12 common online job search mistakes, which I call the “Dirty Dozen”: Posting Your Resume Without Worrying About Privacy Using Only the Big name Web Job Sites Using the “Fire-Ready-Aim” Method of Distributing Your Resume Limiting Your Job Search Efforts to the Internet Only Applying for Jobs Without Meeting the Minimum Qualifications Depending on E-mail … Continue reading

Job Search / YouTern’s Top 50 Twitter Accounts

In alphabetical order and with abundant respect, here are YouTern’s top 50 (well, 55… but who’s counting!) Twitter accounts for 2014… @Absolutely_Abby Abby is consistently positive… and a terrific resource for job seekers. @AfterCollege Excellent blog (and site) for college students and recent grads. @alevit  An author and speaker, Alexandra delivers great career advice. @AlisonDoyle Simply the best; you’ll … Continue reading

Job Search in Europe / EURES would be improved

The pan-European job search network EURES would be strengthened to provide more job offers, increase the likelihood of job matches and help employers, notably small and medium businesses, to fill job vacancies faster and better, under a proposal just presented by the European Commission. Once adopted by the EU’s Council of Ministers and the European … Continue reading

An App for those who quit

Adding a splash of humor to the otherwise serious job search, job-matching giant TheLadders teamed up with BreakupText creators Lauren Leto and Jake Levine to bring disgruntled employees a tongue-in-cheek way to terminate their employment. With a few taps, the comical Quit Your Job iPhone app generates personalized resignation messages that employees can text to … Continue reading

Job Search and Hiring / The Smartphone Revolution

Nearly one-third of google searches for “jobs” come from mobile devices, making the smartphone the engine of choice for job seekers and recruiters alike Continue reading

Job Search in US / Washington, D.C. is the No. 1

Washington, D.C. is No. 1, the easiest city for finding a job. Listings for jobs paying $50,000 and up, per 1,000 residents, during the third quarter of 2013 gave 59 The Easiest And Hardest Cities To Find A Job Right Now If you’ve exhausted all other options, moving can be a smart way to improve your job … Continue reading

Jobs – Offres d’emploi – US & Canada (Eng. & Fr.)

The Most Popular Job Search Tools

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