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Teacher / Job hunting and interview advice

Headteachers and education recruitment experts share their tips on standing out in the job seeking process Continue reading

Job Search with Twitter / 5 ways to use it

Search for jobs and internships. While there are many hashtags that you could try out, here are a few to start with: #jobs #hiring #genY #entrylevel, #hireme, #gethired, #internships #intern. Use the advanced search option and specific keywords to find recruiters, jobs, influencers and more information. Follow company career handles. For example @GEICOCareers @SodexoCareers @GECareers … Continue reading

Job Search Organizer / StartWire surpasses 2 million users less than 9 months after reaching a million

StartWire (, the nation’s leading online job search organizer, logged a million users in May of 2013 and surpassed 2 million users today, effectively doubling its growth rate in less than 6 months Continue reading

Job Search / How to hide it from the boss

How to hide your job search from the boss ? A new service called Hire My Friend promises to keep the secret and expand job-hunters prospect. Continue reading

Job Search / What I have Learned by Helping Others Find Jobs

Last fall I relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota after living and working in Kampala, Uganda for a year and a half. I was a librarian at a small college and, as a solo librarian, spent my time doing a little bit of everything: cataloging, reference, networking, instruction. I gained lots of great library experience and a … Continue reading

When Job Search Goes Wrong

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to do the right thing, job searching can go really wrong.  It should be clear that it’s not smart to say: “My last employer made me a scapegoat, just as my three previous employers did.” in your cover letter, but one job seeker did. I feel bad for the job seeker who wrote that … Continue reading

LinkedIn / Revamped Jobs tool

LinkedIn has some good news for job seekers. It is making it easier to find and get jobs using the online professional networking service. According to the LinkedIn blog, over the next few weeks the company will begin rolling out the revamped Jobs tool, which will start showcasing open positions at companies where you have … Continue reading

Job Search / The Hidden Jobs

The “hidden job market” is one of the biggest of buzz phrases for job seekers. Many experts argue that up to 80 percent of the available jobs are hidden, although absolute documentation is hard to come by. So where are all these jobs, and how can you access them? Typically, people think of the hidden … Continue reading

Passive Job Search Tips

Do you love your job? Don’t want to even think about looking for a new position? Even if you’re lucky enough to have a job you wouldn’t ever consider quitting, you should be prepared to move on. Companies change over time, there may be new management, your job may not be as much fun as it … Continue reading

Job Search Guide / 9 Free pdf Online Guides

1.Job Search Guide Guide Connecticut Department of Labor What’s inside: work search & career planning advice, interviewing tips, résumés & cover letters, state & online resources .* .. . 2.The New Graduate Job Search Guide – Essential tips for landing a job after college Finding your first job doesn’t have to be a long, complicated process. We’ve compiled … Continue reading

Job Search Tool / Gradspring is for recent college graduates

College graduates have come to understand the stress and competitiveness of the job market all too well, and bridging the gap between college grads and companies has become a job in itself. Gradspring, an online job board and career resource for new graduates, might be the solution for students seeking post-graduation employment. More than 3,000 … Continue reading

Job Search / Do references matter ?

When a company requests references with a job application, you might be tempted to skip it, thinking, “Doesn’t my work history speak for itself? Won’t my references all just say good things about me? Do employers even call references?” However, according to a new study from CareerBuilder, employers definitely pay attention to what your references say. … Continue reading

Job Search Tip / Spreading the good word about your search

It is up to you to spread the good word about your search for a new job. And it is common to want to truthfully confess your situation, however, when you do this, it often exposes your emotional baggage and other less-attractive qualities. These are four examples of how to spin your situation from truthful … Continue reading

Free Online Unemployment Search Organizer

One of the requirements for those collecting unemployment benefits is keeping track of your work search. That’s not always easy. A recent StartWire survey of 25,000 unemployed workers reports that: 25% of job seekers had their work search records audited by state unemployment agencies Of those that failed to provide documentation, 75% had to re-pay … Continue reading

The personnal unemployment cycle

Unemployment gets worse before getting better, then it gets worse again, finds U of M study Being unemployed is roughest early on and then again after you’ve been out of a work for months, the study finds. A new study co-authored by Connie Wanberg, associate dean at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, … Continue reading

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