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Job Search Tip / Spreading the good word about your search

It is up to you to spread the good word about your search for a new job. And it is common to want to truthfully confess your situation, however, when you do this, it often exposes your emotional baggage and other less-attractive qualities.

These are four examples of how to spin your situation from truthful to inspiring.

The “just coasting” impression. “I am looking for a management job, but I just need to work five more years.”

The may be thinking and planning your retirement, but never say it publicly. It gives people the impression that your heart really isn’t in the game and that you won’t give your full commitment to any job you take because you have one foot into retirement.  Even though you may be planning on retiring in a few years, your situation could change.

The “victim” syndrome. “I’ve been looking for a job for over a year. The market stinks.”

Yes, the last few years have been tough but the reality is that companies have been hiring. 

Why not accentuate the positive activities you’ve been involved with during your job search by saying this: “While I have been looking for a job, I’ve also been volunteering with a local charity to help organize volunteers. I would really like to find a non-profit that could use a good coordinator.”

The “desperation”dilemma. “My search hasn’t been going so well, so I am willing to do anything.”

Employers don’t just hire to fill a vacancy. They want to hire someone who brings talent, skills, and experience to fill a void in their company. Instead, provide people with information that will help them help you.

The “stability” factor. “Years ago I used to do accounting. I haven’t used it in a long time, but I think it’s a stable career so I want to go back into it.”

Stability may be your primary concern, however, it is not a priority for employers to supply you with this. You may send the impression that you want to be taken care of or that you’ll be a “needy” employee…

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