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Headteachers and education recruitment experts share their tips on standing out in the job seeking process

Securing the right teaching role for you

Talking to headteachers every day about their vacancies gives specialist recruitment agency Randstad Education an opportunity to get the low down on what really makes a candidate stand out from the crowd – for the right reasons.

Headteachers are more than happy to share their views and explain how supply and permanent teachers can improve their chances of securing their next career move, at the same time making sure it is the right one for them.

Three times a year, hundreds if not thousands of teaching jobs become available – at the same time there are similar numbers of applicants searching, browsing and applying furiously for these jobs. How many should you apply for? How do you choose? What if you are not successful? Should you have a backup plan?

Making your choices starts with a research plan. Don’t apply for any job that you are not 100% committed to. Headteachers know if you’re not genuinely interested in work in their school.

Never use ‘cut and paste’ to fill in application form. “As soon as I see the wrong school name on a form, it’s in the ‘no’ pile,” says London primary school headteacher Irene Cleaver. “It tells me about how that teacher will write reports and it’s not how I want them written.”

Give your interview the ‘wow’ factor

This is no time for modesty. Master the art of marketing yourself as a ‘must-have’ employee. At a time when school budgets and finances are being tightened, you need to show headteachers all the extra value you will bring to a role.

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