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The personnal unemployment cycle

Unemployment gets worse before getting better, then it gets worse again, finds U of M study

Being unemployed is roughest early on and then again after you’ve been out of a work for months, the study finds.

A new study co-authored by Connie Wanberg, associate dean at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, finds that being unemployed is most difficult right after losing a job and after a job search has gone on for more than two months.

Wanberg and her colleagues tracked 177 unemployed people over the course of 20 weeks with weekly online surveys. On a six-point scale, subjects were asked to self-report their mental health by responding to questions like, “have you felt downhearted and blue?”

The study found that being unemployed is most depressing during the week or two immediately after a job is lost, but people experience a gradual improvement in their sense of well-being from there. However, if subjects still hadn’t found  a job after 10 to 12 weeks of searching, they tended to backslide into depression…


Unemployment gets worse before getting better, then it gets worse again, finds U of M study – Minneapolis News – The Blotter.

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