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US – The Skills Gap

We could think of the US labor markets as consisting of two distinct pools of workers: skilled and unskilled. And while the unskilled workers are leaving the labor force, the skilled labor market is starting to tighten. Thats part of the reason for the persistent mismatch between job openings and the unemployment/marginal employment rate – the so-called Beveridge Curve. Many openings represent roles that are specialized – particularly in sectors such as healthcare – and can not be easily filled even with vast numbers of Americans in need of work.

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And US firms increasingly need workers that are highly specialized – in part because “commoditized” labor skills can be obtained cheaper offshore. This means that we could have wage increases across a number of sectors, particularly in urban areas – in spite of the declining participation rate. We saw signs of that in the rising unit labor costs last quarter, which came as a surprise to some economists.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Labor Force Participation And The Skills Gap In America | Investing.com.

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