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10 Top Jobs for Parents

Finding the right job as a working parent is no easy task. It can be hard to juggle a family and a job, but there are jobs that make it easier for parents to balance life and work.

Along with a good salary, parents often need jobs that offer flexible hours and even work-from-home opportunities. Here are jobs that offer parents the flexible schedules they need to balance a career and parenthood.

1. Call Center Representative

Median Pay: $28,686
How to land the job: This job may require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

2. Dietitian

Median Pay: $55,800
How to land the job: Some dietitians earn a bachelor’s degree in a related field (food and nutrition, dietetics, etc.). Others gain experience in the form of internships. Some states require dietitians to earn a state licensure or certification before practicing.

3. Physician Assistant

Median Pay: $92,000
How to land the job: Physician assistants must complete a 2-3 year PA master’s program. Many PAs also have some previous healthcare experience, so you may want to look for entry-level jobs or even volunteer positions at your local hospital or healthcare facility to gain experience before investing in a PA program.

4. Public Relations Specialist

Median Pay: $55,200
How to land the job: There are no specific educational requirements for a PR specialist; however, most candidates have college degrees (often in public relations, journalism, advertising, marketing, etc.). Look for a PR job in an industry with which you are familiar and have some contacts.

5. School Bus Driver

Median Pay: $29,160
How to land the job: Most bus driver positions require a high school diploma. You will also need a valid commercial driver’s license, and will likely have to undergo some training.

6. Speech-Language Pathologist

Median Pay: $71,100
How to land the job: Speech-language pathologists must complete a two-year master’s program to become certified.

7. Tax Accountant

Median Pay: $50,216
How to land the job: While a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for tax accountants, many accountants pursue master’s programs in accounting (with a focus in taxes). Accountants must be licensed as Certified Public Accountants to begin work – this license varies by state, but typically requires some post-BA coursework.

8. Teacher’s Aide

Median Pay: $23,220
How to land the job: Many teacher’s aide positions require a high school degree, while others require at least two years of college or an associate’s degree. Some positions, particularly those in special education programs, require further certification.

9. Web Developer

Median Pay: $60,900
How to land the job: There are no formal educational requirements for becoming a web developer. However, many colleges and trade schools offer courses or certifications in skills like Dreamweaver, JavaScript, HTML, and coding. For parents who don’t have the time or money to take courses, there are a number of tutorials and courses offered for free online.

10. Web Writer

Median Pay: $47,847
How to land the job: Web writing jobs typically require a bachelor’s degree and some writing experience. To find a web writing/research job that fits your skills and interests, research industries with which you have experience. Contact companies (particularly those with which you have personal connections) to see if they need someone to help create web content for them.

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