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Having Parents with a College Degree – A social advantage associated with higher numeracy scores

In the public psyche and in academic discourse, it is widely believed that a college degree is the great equalizer. In other words, social origins may determine educational attainment, but educational attainment (especially a college degree) determines labor market outcomes and membership to the American middle class. This notion is supported by the empirical work … Continue reading

Canada – The majority of parents are satisfied with their work-life balance

Overall, most parents who work full-time are satisfied with their work-life balance. In 2012, 3 out of 4 parents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with this balance (75%). The others were “neither satisfied nor dissatisfied” (15%), “dissatisfied” (8%) or “very dissatisfied” (1%). Of the parents who said that they were not satisfied, the most frequently mentioned … Continue reading

UK – 11% of parents say their children are “too clever” to do apprenticeships

Major findings of the report include: – Parents are the greatest influence on students’ career decisions – Only 40% of parents understand the meaning of a Higher Apprenticeship – 11% of parents/guardians believe that their children are “too clever for an apprenticeship or school leaver programme” – 96.5% of teachers are aware of university as … Continue reading

UK – Two thirds of parents do not feel the education system prepares their children for work

Two thirds of parents do not feel the education system prepares their children for work, according to a new survey. A poll of more than 3,500 adults by vocational body City & Guilds, published today, also finds 64 per cent do not believe children are being provided with what employers want, such as communication and … Continue reading

Canada’s Parents / Education to fill “skills gap” is risky

Employers say they can’t find workers for the jobs they do have, while our unemployment rate is not returning to pre-recessionary levels. We were curious about whether parents are paying attention to the debate on the “skills gap” and advising their children to think about the skilled trades or science careers. So we asked the … Continue reading

US / Married adults who raise children are 56 percent more likely to be poor

Most parents with below-poverty incomes who are raising minor children are married. according to Married … without Means Poverty and Economic Hardship Among Married Americans by Shawn Fremstad The failure of many policy elites to recognize the extent of marital poverty covers up the profound economic struggles of millions of married parents. The paper concludes that to reduce … Continue reading

10 Top Jobs for Parents

Finding the right job as a working parent is no easy task. It can be hard to juggle a family and a job, but there are jobs that make it easier for parents to balance life and work. Along with a good salary, parents often need jobs that offer flexible hours and even work-from-home opportunities. … Continue reading

Vocational and Technical Education Meet Parent Resistance

Career and technical education has come a long way since the days when students could be steered from academics into hairstyling, auto repairs or carpentry. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to sell the concept of having all students take courses in CTE, as it is known. Take what happened this March in La Jolla, … Continue reading

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