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UK / Men with children 1.4x more likely to work than those without

British fathers are more likely to be in employment than their childless counterparts. But when it comes to women, having a child reduces your chances of being in work. We look at the data for every age group to see what’s happening

We’ve read plenty of statistics about the persistent pay gap between men and women in the UK – but what about the gap between employees with and without children? The latest findings from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that having children increases the chances of men finding work but has a totally different effect on women.

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The Labour Force Survey looked at the percentage of men and women in employment and saw how those rates changed if those individuals were parents. The gaps are striking.

Whether men are 22 or 42, having children means that they are more likely to be in employment – whereas the exact reverse is true for women. That doesn’t mean that the gaps are consistent across age groups though. The difference is most visible for men aged 16-24 where not having a child makes it more likely they’ll be in education. For women, the differences in employment are clearest between mothers and non-mothers aged 25-34.

Lone mothers are less likely to work than those in couples

Those averages also conceal another important trend – the difference between lone parents and those in couples. There aren’t any statistics on lone fathers but for lone mothers, it’s clear that the chances of being in employment are lowest when children are younger. The gap closes as children get older, but even when they’re at a secondary school age, there’s still 5.5 percentage points between women in couples who are working and those who are lone parents.

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Guardianvia Men more likely to work if they have children, opposite true for women | News |

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