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US | Job Gap is 9 million

The labor market has added nearly 5 million jobs since the post-Great Recession low in Feb. 2010. Because of the historic job loss of the Great Recession, however, the labor market still has 3.8 million fewer jobs than it had before the recession began in Dec. 2007. Furthermore, because the potential labor force grows as the population expands, in the nearly five years since the recession started we should have added 5.2 million jobs just to keep the unemployment rate stable. Putting these numbers together means the current gap in the labor market is 9.0 million jobs…


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via The U.S. jobs deficit is 9 million | Economic Policy Institute.

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The Big Job Gap


” The recovery is real, but it’s still really far from the recovery we need” writes Matthew O’Brien in The Scariest Jobs Chart, Private Sector Edition. (Choosen excerpts by JMM to follow) That’s been the consistent message of the past three years, with consistent job growth that hasn’t been near enough to end our jobs crisis much … Continue reading »

Job Gap – Youth Unemploment: An Interview with ILO Economist Sara Elder (video)


An Interview with ILO Economist Sara Elder

Job Gap – About 14 million jobs need to be created says OECD


The current weak economic recovery will keep unemployment rates in OECD countries high until at least the end of 2013, according to a new OECD report. The Employment Outlook 2012 says that the OECD-wide joblessness rate is forecast to remain high at 7.7% in the fourth quarter of 2013, close to the 7.9% rate in May … Continue reading »

Job Gap – Employment Policy – It is the right time


Faced with a jobs crisis, policymakers the world over are digging deep into their policy toolkits to generate more employment. A recent study by the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department argues that reforms of tax and expenditure policies offer great promise in helping countries confront the jobs crisis, including in the short term. The study argues … Continue reading »

China – Job Gap – Workers leaving cities and going back to their home towns


Migrant workers who look for jobs in cities in China are now leaving the cities and going back to their home towns as jobs losses mount amid economic slowdown.  This wave of migrant workers leaving cities emerges for the first time since the financial crisis 2008/09. A lot of migrant workers who were originally living … Continue reading »

It will take until 2020 to close the Job Gap

POSTED BY  ⋅ MAY 8, 2012 ⋅ 1 COMMENT

U.S. jobs growth may have picked up earlier this year, offering the millions of unemployed hope that better days are ahead. But once again, the government’s monthly unemployment report comes with disappointing news. In April, the nation’s employers created 115,000 positions, after adding 154,000 in March, the Labor Department reported Friday. This was less than … Continue reading »

Job Gap is extending and has entered a new, more structural phase as austerity prevails says ILO who calls for a Global Job Pact


The World of Work Report 2012 provides a comprehensive analysis of recent labour market and social trends, assesses risks of social unrest and presents employment projections for the next five years. The report emphasizes that while employment has begun to recover slowly, job quality is deteriorating and there is a growing sense of unfairness. Moreover, … Continue reading »

At The Root Of the Global Job Gap | Finance and economic growth delinked


The neglect of credit and debt in economic theory continues to produce muddled policy thinking. Take the tendency to protect banks lock, stock and barrel, at huge costs. The mantra is that if we let banks go bankrupt, that will ruin the economy. This is a nifty inversion of the truth: it is precisely the … Continue reading »

Job Gap | Europe’s army of ‘underemployed’ nearly 25 million plus 9 million underemployed


Almost nine million people in the European Union were considered “underemployed” in 2011, according to new Eurostat figures. These numbers add to the growing ranks of nearly 25 million unemployed in the EU, highlighting a ticking social time-bomb. Some 42 million workers in the EU were employed part-time in 2011, according to a survey by … Continue reading »

Job Gap | 600 M Jobs missing in the world | 12 M in U.S. | A factor behind income inequalities


Job Gap | 600 M Jobs missing in the world | 12 M in U.S. | A factor behind income inequalities

Job Gap | Spain | Cost of hiring has risen 24% in recent years


Spain’s high unemployment rate of around 23% means many Spaniards, young people in particular, are leaving the country to find work elsewhere. One popular destination is Germany, where the jobless rate is under 7%. But starting afresh in a new country is challenging. Munich’s airport shuttle bus is dropping off newly arrived passengers in the … Continue reading »

Job Gap | Skill Gap | Matching the Jobless With 3.4 Million Jobs –


EVER since the deep recession hit four years ago, many colleges have been rethinking their continuing education programs, straining to figure out how best to help the many unemployed Americans who have looked to them as a lifeline. With the unemployment rate still stubbornly high, this rethinking has led to a powerful trend in which … Continue reading »

Higher education job growth continues to outpace overall job growth in US, but the gap is narrowing

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Key findings from the report for Q1 2012: Although the growth rate of higher education jobs continued to outpace the growth rate for all U.S. jobs in Q1 2012, the gap has narrowed and the “market share” of higher education jobs was unchanged year-over-year. The number of advertisements for job openings in higher education continued … Continue reading »

At the July 163 000 jobs rythm, it would take up to 2025 to recover


What the NYT Says With 163,000 new jobs created, July’s employment growth topped both analysts’ expectations and the meager job gains in May and June. While that growth was not enough to reduce the jobless rate – now 8.3 percent – it was enough to boost the stock market. For investors, the job tally was … Continue reading »



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