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Hiring Trends – Only 6% prefer a one-page executive résumé but page length not an issue

Career Directors International (CDI) had become weary of rumors and folklore when it came to hiring trends. This was especially true as it related to the many ways that résumés ‘could be’ and ‘should be’ written. For example, something said to one job seeker by a recruiter, suddenly becomes a fact quoted by all! These ‘facts’ take on a life of their own and nobody knows where they started or why. In some cases, they make no logical sense to professionals, let alone to confused job seekers getting advice from all sides!

So, CDI has brought real and concrete data into the discussion by surveying those in the know—recruiters, human resource professionals, and other hiring authorities.

The report, representing preferences from professionals worldwide, allows us all to gain a better sense of what is true and real when it comes to hiring trends and résumés.

Surprisingly only 6% of the respondents preferred a one-page executive résumé against what has been a long-held belief among job seekers and résumé writers that the one-page résumé was crucial to capture the interest of decision makers.

This dispels the traditional “one-page only” mindset that has remained constant throughout the years, although it must be noted that survey respondents represented preferences from across the globe.

Page length for executive résumés was not an issue if the content was hard hitting and to the point. Most respondents looked for specific achievements/experiences from executives, and what the executives could do for the company.


CDI’s Global Hiring Trends 2012 Report by Career Directors International (CDI)


9 thoughts on “Hiring Trends – Only 6% prefer a one-page executive résumé but page length not an issue

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