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HR / Recruiters whose job it was to locate the best candidates have largely disappeared

Corporate training has largely disappeared, along with the recruiters whose job it was to locate the best candidates for those programs, argues Peter Cappelli, a professor of management at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and author of Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs (click on the link to get a free e-book copy this week). … Continue reading

LinkedIn / Finding recruiters

Let’s look at LinkedIn it from a candidate perspective first. How do you find recruiters that are posting jobs that may well be of interest to you? Don’t use the main search bar at the top of the LinkedIn page, click on the advanced search to the side. Now you can use the extra field … Continue reading

Hiring Trends – Only 6% prefer a one-page executive résumé but page length not an issue

Career Directors International (CDI) had become weary of rumors and folklore when it came to hiring trends. This was especially true as it related to the many ways that résumés ‘could be’ and ‘should be’ written. For example, something said to one job seeker by a recruiter, suddenly becomes a fact quoted by all! These ‘facts’ take on a life of their own … Continue reading

UK – Two-thirds of employers rate the cost-effectiveness of their recruitment and selection practices as good or very good

UK employers have mixed views as to the effectiveness of the recruitment processes used by their organisations, XpertHR benchmarking research on key recruitment metrics in 2012 (XpertHR Benchmarking subscription required) finds: Two-thirds of UK employers rate the cost-effectiveness of their recruitment and selection practices as good or very good. In total, 96% say their levels … Continue reading

Inside Googles recruiting machine – Fortune Tech

Silicon Valley’s most venerable recruiting setup is operating in one of the most competitive hiring climates ever. It just brought on a record number of new employees. Here’s how. In the hot war for talent being fought in Silicon Valley, no company has an arsenal quite like Googles. Named Fortunes Best Company to Work For … Continue reading

The Recruiters Lounge » Headhunter’s Lament: Why Don’t Job Seekers Use LinkedIn Correctly?

Maybe you’ve heard before that employment recruiters use LinkedIn in the same way that web surfers use Google: to search for the information they need. In the case of recruiters, what is needed are candidates that match the profile being sought. I am one such recruiter. Sounds simple, right? Well in reality this is fraught … Continue reading

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