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Current and Future Skills Needs in UK – Core transferable skills are often under-invested in by firms in comparison to firm-specific skills

This report provides an overview of the Skills and Productivity Board’s work to document the skills needs of the economy now and in future, with a view to identifying skills mismatches and growing areas of skills needs, both across the economy as a whole and in a small number of priority areas (Health, Science and … Continue reading

Cisco Global Hybrid Work Study 2022 – It starts with investing in the technologies and tools needed to support work from anywhere

Cisco’s Global Hybrid Work Study 2022 shares global insights from 28,000 respondents to help companies and employees thrive in the future of hybrid work. Supporting the workforce of the future Operating and supporting a hybrid workforce starts with investing in the technologies and tools needed to support work from anywhere. In fact, technology support was … Continue reading

Gen Z and Education Pathways in US – Most prefer learning hands-on skills either in a lab/classroom or through on-the-job experiences

ECMC Group has released the latest data from its multi-year Question the Quo Education Pulse study of Gen Z teens. The latest findings point to a possible “new normal” for education that requires shorter, less expensive, more direct-to-career pathways in high-demand industries. This report highlights these findings as well as the trends uncovered in five … Continue reading

Immigration Economic Impacts in Canada – What the evidence says overall

International studies of advanced economies often show an increase in immigration to be associated with a modest increase in GDP per capita. Research by the IMF suggests that “Immigration significantly increases GDP per capita in advanced economies.” A study of OECD countries found that increases in immigration lead to proportionate but smallincreases in GDP per capita. … Continue reading

Demographic Outlook – World’s Population to reach 8 billion on 15 November 2022 and 10.4 billion in 2100

The world’s population continues to grow, but the pace of growth is slowing down • The world’s population is projected to reach 8 billion on 15 November 2022. • The latest projections by the United Nations suggest that the global population could grow to around 8.5 billion in 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050 and 10.4 … Continue reading

COVID and Youth in Canada – Facing career “scarring” and learning losses post-pandemic

Canada’s youth face career scarring and learning losses post-pandemic, according to a new report released by the C.D. Howe Institute. In “Lives Put on Hold: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Canada’s Youth,” authors Parisa Mahboubi and Amira Higazy find that youth were disproportionally affected by work and education disruptions, which if left unaddressed, … Continue reading

Remote Work in US – 58 percent reported having the opportunity to work from home at least one day a week

The third edition of McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey provides us with data on how flexible work fits into the lives of a representative cross section of workers in the United States. McKinsey worked alongside the market-research firm Ipsos to query 25,000 Americans in spring 2022 (see sidebar, “About the survey”). The most striking figure to emerge … Continue reading

Skills for Green Transition in UK – A disconnect between increasing employer demand for green skills and young people’s lack of knowledge of what they are

Along with demographic change and advances in technology, the transition to green skills is one of a number of mega trends set to transform the economy and labour market. These shifts are also interconnected. The need for “green skills” is therefore not just about new green jobs, but also greening existing roles, increasing economic growth … Continue reading

Immigration in Canada – In charts

A wave of new Canadians is coming—and just in time. As our population gets older and birth rates decline we’ll face a range of challenges in supporting aging cohorts and sustaining growth. Increased immigration and better utilization of existing pools of talent can power the transition. RBC Economics explains why in 9 charts:   Chosen … Continue reading

Skills in Ontario – A need for a robust and responsive skills development ecosystem that helps people

The nature of work in Ontario is changing rapidly and to help build the resilience of individuals and businesses, as they prepare for the future of work, the next provincial government needs to strengthen the design and delivery of skills development in Ontario. Ontario’s skills development ecosystem needs to deliver Ontario needs a robust and … Continue reading

LMI on Skills in UK – Priorities for improvements

Better alignment between the skills employers demand and those people have can improve productivity, leading to better outcomes for individuals and businesses. Quality Labour Market Information (LMI) can help identify where and how to achieve better skills alignment. The Board supports DfE’s plans for the new Unit for Future Skills (UFS), which has the aim … Continue reading

Green, Digital and Competitive Index In Europe – The ranking

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) have never been more important. They count for 99% of European businesses and employ more than 100 million people. SMEs are essential to attaining the ambitious goals for growth, full employment and net-zero-carbon emissions in Europe. To track progress, the Lisbon Council has developed a unique three pillar indicator: The … Continue reading

Remote Work in US West Coast – Tech companies are increasing hiring to other areas

West Coast tech companies are increasing hiring to other areas Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @  West Coast tech companies are increasing hiring to other areas

Emsi’s 2022 Talent Playbook – Technological innovations are radically changing who companies are hiring

Technological innovations are radically changing who companies are hiring. As technology involved in arenas like automation, cybersecurity, and cloud services advances at ever-increasing speeds, companies are looking for future-ready workers. Key Takeaways Technological innovations are radically changing who companies are hiring. As technology involved in arenas like automation, cybersecurity, and cloud services advances at ever-increasing … Continue reading

Minimum Wages in Europe – A decline in real terms between in 15 out of 21 Member States

Against the background of inflation affecting European countries, minimum wage workers in 15 out of 21 Member States with statutory minimum wages registered a decline in their wages in real terms between 1 January 2021 and 1 January 2022. This was despite comparatively large increases in nominal rates in the EU during the period. The … Continue reading

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