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Apprenticeship in Germany – A Dual or ‘Parallel Systems’ ?

On the macro level (federal level) and exo level (state or regional level), the German Dual Apprenticeship System shows a high degree of institutionalised collaboration. However, the companies and vocational schools on the meso level (institutional level and level of the actors), in contrast, are just loosely coupled with a dominant partner (i.e., companies) and … Continue reading

Transferring Germany’s “dual” vocational training system

Over recent years, the partial or complete transfer of VET systems has become in- creasingly relevant in international and comparative vocational education and training research (Barabasch and Wolf, 2011; Phillips and Ochs, 2004). This issue also has an increasingly important international training policy aspect. In the context of high youth unemployment in some industrialised countries … Continue reading

Boys Transitions into VET in Germany – They have better opportunities when entering company-based or dual education and training

This paper examines the transitions made by lower secondary school leavers and intermediate secondary school leavers into vocational education and training in Germany. With the basis that boys have long been underperforming girls in school, the paper investigates the question of whether male adolescents continue to be similarly disadvantaged when transitioning into vocational education and … Continue reading

Europe – Companies in dual-VET systems are generally more pleased with the skills supply

The survey appears to indicate that companies in countries with dual VET systems are generally more satisfied with the skills of VET graduates than companies in Member States with mainly school-based VET systems. A possible explanation provided was that work-based learning is an efficient way of providing both professional and transversal skills – the two … Continue reading

The German Dual VET System – What can be imported ?

In recent years, the dual-system approach has gained considerable international attention for its success in addressing youth unemployment. Many countries have shown great interest in adopting the German dual VET system. But how might such a transfer be carried out? Exporting a VET system from one country to another is not merely a matter of … Continue reading

Can Germay’s Dual System work in Canada ?

Last month, I was very fortunate to be included in a study tour of the German dual-system of education and training led by Minister Kenney. He invited CFIB and several other provincial, business and union officials to look at Germany’s successes in vocational training and to determine if there are any lessons for Canada.  To … Continue reading

Thailand / Lessons learned from Germany’s dual system

IN RECENT YEARS, Thai young people have grown less and less interested in studying at vocational schools. This is despite it being an educational model tailored to support students’ training for occupational competency in various business sectors Continue reading

Germany’s Dual System / Just one-third school-leavers each year go to university

Just one-third of German school-leavers each year go to university; the other two-thirds enter the dual trainee programs Continue reading

German Scheme / Is this good for Europe? (video)

Across Europe, one young person in four has no job and the problem is considerably worse in countries such as Spain and Greece. Many German companies are keen to recruit new talent so the government is paying for language classes, travel costs and expenses for internship programmes. But is this good for Europe – or is it creating further problems for the future? Continue reading

Angela Merkel on Youth Unemployment / Preaching the merits of Germany’s dual system

In interview with the Guardian, chancellor promotes merits of Germany’s dual system of schooling and work experience, and says she regrets impact of eurozone crisis on young people Continue reading

Youth Unemployment – Skills Gap – Germany will indeed help Spain

Germany says it will help Spain to launch German-style apprenticeships for its young people, half of whom are unemployed because of the debt crisis. Spain’s Education Minister, Jose Ignacio Wert, signed an agreement with his German counterpart in Stuttgart on Thursday, to give more Spaniards on-the-job training with German firms. Spain’s youth unemployment has soared … Continue reading

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