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Youth Unemployment – Skills Gap – Germany will indeed help Spain

Germany says it will help Spain to launch German-style apprenticeships for its young people, half of whom are unemployed because of the debt crisis.

Spain’s Education Minister, Jose Ignacio Wert, signed an agreement with his German counterpart in Stuttgart on Thursday, to give more Spaniards on-the-job training with German firms.

Spain’s youth unemployment has soared to 52% – the highest rate in the EU.

Mr Wert said Spain must learn from German best practice to improve skills.

“We want Germany to be our sherpa on this job training adventure,” he told Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper.

“We have 1.5 million university students and only 270,000 trade school students.” He added that students were getting far more theory than practical experience, and that many lacked foreign language skills…

via BBC News – Germany to help Spain give skills to jobless youths.

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L’Espagne – En route vers le modèle allemand de formation par alternance

L’Espagne veut s’inspirer du “système dual” allemand de formation professionnelle pour tenter de mieux préparer ses jeunes au monde du travail, a déclaré le ministre espagnol de l’Education au Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung paru jeudi. “Nous souhaitons que l’Allemagne devienne notre guide dans la formation professionnelle”, a déclaré José Ignacio Wert, en visite jeudi à Stuttgart …Lire la suite »


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