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Brain Drain in Philippines – 1.8 M temporary migrant workers left in 2014

In 2014, 1.8 million temporary migrant workers left the Philippines to work in more than 190 countries, each one bearing an employment contract issued and certified by the Government of the Philippines. From factory and domestic workers to engineers and nurses, Filipinos occupy a wide range of jobs abroad. Legal movements of temporary workers on … Continue reading

Brain Drain in Canada – Reversing it

In the 1990s, this country was consumed with the spectre of a “brain drain”: the loss of scientific, engineering and medical talent to the U.S. in an era of Canadian belt-tightening. “There was a very real concern that the scientific community in the country would implode,” says Alan Bernstein, president of the Canadian Institute for … Continue reading

US – Shrinking cities are gaining brains

If there’s one thing that’s a nearly universal anxiety among cities, it’s brain drain, or the loss of educated residents to other places. I’ve written about this many times over the years, critiquing the way it is normally conceived. Since brain drain seems to be a major concern in shrinking cities, I decided to take … Continue reading

Greece’s Brain Drain – Young, educated workers are fleeing

As Greece stumbles from one economic disappointment to the next, the country is now exporting something it desperately needs to retain; young, educated workers. Thousands of skilled Greeks are heading overseas to further their careers, leading to fears the deeply troubled nation could be facing a brain drain. Recruitment agencies in the UK have reported … Continue reading

Brain drain from Africa (video)

Africa is suffering a brain drain, and the big four – Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia – are the hardest hit. Can African countries retain their talent while also promoting intra-African development. via ▶ Skills migration brain drain for Africa – YouTube. Related Posts China / The world’s worst brain drain POSTED BY MICHEL COURNOYER ⋅ JULY 29, … Continue reading

UK Computer Games Programmers – A brain drain ?

UK computer games programmers are increasingly being head-hunted by companies based in the US and Canada according to Procorre, an international professional services consultancy that operates across 120 countries. Te company is warning of a ‘brain drain’ of UK IT talent as over 50 per cent of the online gaming job adverts aimed at UK … Continue reading

Turkey / Reverse brain drain accelerates minister says

The number of Turkish researchers living abroad who applied to the science scholarship program to return to the country keeps rising, Technology Minister Nihat Ergün has said. The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) launched a research fellowship program targeting Turks living abroad to entice them back home. Ergün said 117 researchers applied … Continue reading

UK’s Brain Drain / Two million in ‘talent drain’ (4,000 per day)

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of British citizens who have moved abroad has risen by a fifth under the Coalition, reaching 154,000 last year. Separate figures, published by the OECD, show that almost 1.3million Britons with university-level education are living abroad, more than any other developed economy. Nick de Bois, secretary … Continue reading

China / The world’s worst brain drain

China is experiencing “the world’s worst brain drain”. Eighty-seven percent of the mainland’s top specialists in science and engineering who went abroad for work or study have no plans to return Continue reading

Vietnam / Reversing the Brain Drain

Two factors draw in great talent into countries: really great projects that react to specific problems, and an environment that can allow smart individuals to tackle those problems. With 90 million people and still developing, Vietnam’s got the first factor in the bag, but unfortunately, the environment has been lacking. Many overseas Vietnamese and educated … Continue reading

Taiwan / Brain Drain to Continue

Taiwan could continue to face workforce mobility and skill shortages in 2013 as a majority of Taiwanese employers expect to lose talent, especially to China, a United Kingdom-based recruitment consultancy said Tuesday. Over two-thirds of the employers participating in a survey on domestic pay levels and employment said they anticipate their employees will look for … Continue reading

India / Over a million jobs in India will be created in 2013, reversing the Brain Drain

Many new jobs are expected to open up in India in the coming year, offering opportunities to home-sick Indian expats who long for a job back home. Ushering in 2013, estimates show that the country may see more than a million jobs being created over the course of the next 12 months. The country suffered … Continue reading

Thailand / Civil Service Brain Drain

More than eight years have passed since Her Majesty the Queen lamented the effects of the brain drain caused by the mandatory retirement of civil servants at the age of 60. The Civil Service Commission agreed with her suggestions and in 2008 a legal amendment to the Civil Service Act was approved to allow a … Continue reading

Europe / Young Professionals Brain Drain

Tiago Lambuca left Portugal to search for work here as an architect, but the decision to emigrate was about more than earning a wage. “You can find work in Portugal . . . but nothing that offers a career,” the 29-year-old said as he sipped juice in an open-air cafe in the shadow of Sao Paulo’s art … Continue reading

Europe / Brain Drain / Germany pulling away the best and the brightest workers

More than three years into an economic crisis that has threatened to tear Europe apart, one country is still on a hiring spree, and it is pulling away the best and the brightest workers from its neighbors along the way. Thousands of professionals from recession-struck Spain and Greece have been streaming into Germany, where joblessness … Continue reading

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