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India / Over a million jobs in India will be created in 2013, reversing the Brain Drain

Many new jobs are expected to open up in India in the coming year, offering opportunities to home-sick Indian expats who long for a job back home.

Ushering in 2013, estimates show that the country may see more than a million jobs being created over the course of the next 12 months.

The country suffered from a massive brain drain during the 1990s and the decade after, when professionals left for foreign shores, looking for better jobs.

The trend seems to be slowing down, recruiters say, and in many cases, the expat Indians (called non-resident Indians, or NRIs) are looking to go back home.

Recently, the country’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke of the number of NRIs coming back to India. “In the past few years, we have already experienced what has been called a ‘reverse brain-drain.’ I would prefer to call this ‘brain gain’ or, indeed, a meeting of minds,” he said.

India is now offering its people the option to come back – jobs are being generated in different sectors and salaries are also going up each year – making the return of the expat population a sweet deal.

The organised sector in the country is set to create about 1.1 million new jobs in 2013, as per a survey released by & Despite all the talk of a gloomy economy this year, India was able to create 700,000 jobs and hopes to beat the figure next year.

The survey, which shows an increase in hiring expectations, is based on responses of 4,453 companies across 12 industry sectors in 21 major cities.

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