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Sudan / Brain Drain / 75,361 left the country looking for better future between 2008-2012

Again it is brain drain, though this time with an alarming pace. In just five years between 2008-2012 a total of 75,361, or more than six fold increase during the period under review, left the country looking for better future mainly in the Gulf states and in particular in Saudi Arabia. A breakdown of the … Continue reading

Britain / Brain Drain / Almost 5,200 university leavers sought employment elsewhere

Almost 5,200 university leavers sought employment in mainland Europe, the Far East and North America last year – up by 1,000 since the start of the economic crisis. Official figures show that graduates from the very best universities are significantly more likely to be tempted overseas, prompting fears that Britain’s most talented young people were … Continue reading

Teleworking | IP Australia stops the brain drain

IP Australia has been allowing staff to work remotely for eight years, and believes it is the best way to retain skilled employees. Living in our nation’s capital isn’t for everyone, and IP Australia realised eight years ago that retaining skilled patent examiners would mean letting some employees work outside of its Canberra base. IP … Continue reading

UK | Brain Drain | Almost half of those who emigrate are professionals and company managers

Almost half of all Britons who emigrate each year are professionals and company managers, potentially threatening the country’s supply of highly skilled workers, research for the Home Office found. The attractions of a better lifestyle and climate, as well as career opportunities, meant a “large and increasing” number of executives, scientists, academics and doctors have … Continue reading

Brain Drain – US Driving Immigrant Talent Overseas

Asaf Darash, an Israeli entrepreneur, was putting his 18-month-old son to bed when he received the news he had been dreading. He had applied to renew his temporary visa back in April. It was now the middle of September, a few weeks away from his visa expiration, and immigration officials had still not responded. As … Continue reading

Australia – 3,000 Papua New Guineans skilled workers

And Papua New Guineans have such a good reputation they are getting promoted faster than their Australian counterparts. Latest estimates suggest up to 3000 skilled Papua New Guineans have moved to Australia. Ben Imbun, a Senior Lecturer at the School of Management at the University of Western Sydney has been tracking their movements. He told … Continue reading

Reverse Brain Drain – IT – India / US: Over half of Indian IT professionals returning

“Early April, Corp-Corp conducted a survey among Indian IT professionals. More than 1000 professionals responded to this survey. The results show more than half of the Indian IT professionals are planning to return to India.” writes on its Blog. Survey Highlights (adapted excerpts) 50.1% of the people said that they will be returning to … Continue reading

Italy – Brain Drain – The Education Employment Gap (video)

World Bank – Brain Drain: Some myths and common concerns not founded

  “High-skilled emigration is an emotive issue that in popular discourse is often referred to as brain drain, conjuring images of extremely negative impacts on developing countries. Recent discussions of brain gain, diaspora effects, and other advantages of migration have been used to argue against this, but much of the discussion has been absent of evidence.” write John Gibson and … Continue reading

Nigeria – Brain Drain – Kano loses 100 doctors in six months – NMA

The Nigerian Medical Association has urged Kano state government to declare state of emergency in the health sector to halt the mass exodus of medical practitioners from government hospitals across the state. The NMA said that the state has witnessed the disengagement of over one hundred medical doctors in the last 6 months. Briefing newsmen … Continue reading

Deutsche Bank Layoffs and Bonus Cuts Could Trigger Brain Drain

Deutsche Bank has announced layoffs and bonus cuts to senior staffs, designed to save €4.5bn (£3.6bn) a year as part of its strategy to revamp businesses and to make the bank more competent. The German bank will also extend payment of deferred bonuses to 150 of its top bosses to five years, and set up … Continue reading

Talent War – From Brain Drain to Brain Circulation

Representatives from higher education institutions in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia met last week in Seeon, Germany, at the Sixth Annual Strategic Leaders Global Summit, an event co-hosted by Germany’s Technische Universitat Munchenthe and the Council of Graduate Schools, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C. The meeting’s theme was “From Brain Drain to … Continue reading

New Australia visa policy: Malaysia fears brain drain

The new visa policy in Australia allows foreign graduates to apply for residency in the country and DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan argued that it could lead to widespread brain drain, deficits and an exodus of young people from the country. The new visa rules to be put in place next year by Australia will grant … Continue reading

NZ brain drain in decline

When Australian growth figures were released a fortnight ago, many in New Zealand sighed and carried on: the cross-Tasman brain drain – now 1000 people a week – was clearly set to continue apace. But will it? New Zealand’s national character could fairly be categorised as Scottish Protestant. It is a culture that easily lends … Continue reading

Brain Drain | India top exporter of skilled immigrants to Australia

India has climbed to the top of the charts as the top source country for skilled permanent migrants to Australia. Chris Bowen, the Australian immigration minister who is visiting India, told TOI, “The strongest link between Australia and India is peopleto-people through immigration . India has for several years been our third largest source of … Continue reading

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