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Outil – Un référentiel de compétences pour le CNP 6421 Vendeurs, commis vendeurs, commerce détail

Voici un référentiel de compétences pour le CNP 6421 Vendeurs, commis vendeurs, commerce détail Le référentiel comprend les : les qualifications professionnelles (QP) les connaissances requises (CR) les compétences clés (CC). Note méthodologique et sources : Il s’agit d’une adaptation et de traductions libres le la NOS (National occupationnal standard), UK, Evidence Requirements for the Retail … Continue reading

3 Key Jobs in the Gig Economy

By Lucy Wyndham – 16 million Americans are working in the so-called gig economy, doing alternative work. This can be either as a side job, as temporary emergency work or as a result of prioritising flexibility.  The gig economy can help to increase wealth by diversifying income streams, but it can also come with decreased job security and employee … Continue reading

The Digital Age – How to fortify your public relations

By Lucy Wyndham – By 2020, public relations agencies are estimated to generate over 19.3 billion dollars for companies. In a profession that raises the visibility and communication of a business with its customer base, there have been major shifts in the strategies and processes of PR work. By perfecting your website’s interface, taking advantage of social media, … Continue reading

Skills in the Construction Industry – Upskilling defines the future

By Lucy Wyndham –  Upskilling Defines the Future of Construction Industry Despite working hard to become certified in your specific industry, the half-life of learned skills is now about five years, which means the skills you learned while attaining a degree or industry qualification could well already be out-of-date. As we round the corner full speed into the … Continue reading

From The Drawing Board To The Desk: Jobs For Creative Artists

By Lucy Wyndham Over 7% of Canada’s gross domestic product comes from its cultural and artistic sectors. But it’s not always possible to break into these industries and practice your skills for pay: as CBC reports, the creative sectors here in Canada are particularly vulnerable to economic problems. If you love to draw, the problem is even more pronounced: art … Continue reading

Job Postings on Online Platform for IT Occupations – Posting duration is fairly short and a small share of postings receive the bulk of applications

In work with Brenda Samaniego, Steven J. Davis, the William H. Abbott Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, uses job postings from an online platform for IT occupations,, to learn about the life cycle of a job ad. Davis and Samaniego find that posting duration is fairly short: … Continue reading

How Soft Skills Are Becoming The Deciding Factor In The Modern Workplace

By Lucy Wyndham – Ninety three percent of employers now regard ‘soft skills’ as either very important or essential in their hiring decisions, according to a 2016 study by Wonderlic. An increasing number of employers and corporations are seeking skills that go beyond the technical qualifications that come with the job. Recognition is being given by businesses … Continue reading

Successful Integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Labour Market Information (LMI) in Career Guidance Services – A handbook

This handbook supports the transfer and adaptation of career development tools used in guidance, early school leaving prevention, employment services, youth centres and other organisations. It provides insights for policy-makers and managers of careers into how to use the potential of ICT to help people find training and jobs, increase their employability, and develop their … Continue reading

How To Spot Fake Work-From-Home Job Offers

By Lucy Wyndham –  With 58% of the U.S. workforce expected to be freelancing 10 years from now, according to a Flexjobs blog post, it’s easy to see why more and more people are interested in work-from-home jobs. Despite this positive trend, the sad truth is that cases of fake job scams are increasing by the day. … Continue reading

Graduation Time: How to Update Your Resume

By Lucy Wyndham –  Approximately 3.6 million students were projected to graduate high school in 2018, with colleges and universities expected to award roughly 2.9 million undergraduate and graduate degrees the same year. This means there is a lot of new competition flooding the market, even as the workforce in general seems to be in flux. If you are … Continue reading

A Job Description Guide from Harvard Business School

QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER: • What characteristics differentiate your organization from your competitors? • What is the culture of your organization or team? • What makes this job unique? • Is this role part of a structured program (i.e., formal summer internship program, leadership development or rotational program)? • What responsibilities will this role hold? • … Continue reading

Internship Programs – A Guide

How can organizations meet the needs of today and prepare the workforce of the future? One solution is to develop a high quality internship program. This booklet will assist you in doing just that. What Is An Internship? “An academic internship is a form of experiential education that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the … Continue reading

Immigration Data in the United States and Internationally – An online Guide

This useful online guide links users directly to the most credible, high-quality data on immigrants and immigration in the United States and internationally. The easy-to-use publication includes more than 220 data resources compiled by governmental and authoritative nongovernmental sources. The guide covers a wide range of topics, among them foreign-born population stocks and flows, humanitarian … Continue reading

Firms Benefits and Costs of Apprenticeship – Seven questions to determine how to align it with their goals

This paper presents an initial study of the benefits and costs faced by firms with apprenticeship programs. Recent policy focus on skill development and worker training has not been matched by a detailed understanding of the business case for apprenticeship. Based on conversations, site visits, and data collection with 13 organizations, we created a detailed … Continue reading

Me in a minute – A simple strategy for developing and showcasing personal employability

Graduates require evidence of employability beyond marks and grades to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive labour market. Universities cannot guarantee employment, but they can engage students in learning and recognise achievement that is relevant to employment. Here, we share preliminary insights from interviews investigating student perceptions of an extra-curricular video strategy designed to develop … Continue reading

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