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The State of the IT Job Market – An interview with Michel Cournoyer, the editor

As we end 2016, if you had to give a ‘State of the Global IT Market’ address, what points would you touch on ICT, and especially IT skills, are a key growth factor in today’s globalized digital economy. Innovations like the internet of things (IOT) and Social, Mobile, Analytics, Apps, and Cloud (SMAAC) could significantly … Continue reading

Canada and Quebec / Working on EI regulations will marginally help in responding to labour market needs

Unemployment worldwide and youth unemployment are a tragedy. The number of unemployed in the world has exploded with 28 million people jobless in the five years following the global financial crisis. In 2012, there were 197 million people unemployed according to the ILO. In 2013, about 210.6 million people will be unemployed according to the … Continue reading

Canada / Employment-Insurance: The Thought of the Day

Unemployment insurance is meant to meet the labour market cyclical economic needs, the needs related to job search, the in-between. It is not supposed to be the mean to support income of the ‘chronically’ or repeatedly unemployed in an economically depressed area. Employment development cannot be achieved with income support. Michel Cournoyer Job Market Monitor‘s … Continue reading

Quebec / EI: The real ‘battle’ has been there for decades: the ‘battle’ for employment and regional development

As we predicted in our post yesterday Quebec / Employment-Insurance: Mrs. Maltais is doing everything to lose face, Ms. Maltais got a no for an answer it seems. In her statement to Anne-Marie Dussault on CBC Continuous News channel in french after her meeting yesterday night, Ms. Maltais said that she was determined to continue … Continue reading

Quebec / Employment-Insurance: Mrs. Maltais is doing everything to lose face

A few days ago, Chantal Hébert wrote in Le Devoir: The political risk Stephen Harper is exposed to is almost nil. The idea that EI is a burning subject in Canada is an optical illusion due to the relative proximity of  those regions particularly affected by the reform. (freely translated by the author) Beyond political … Continue reading

Quebec / The Summit on Higher Education: The losers are youth holders of vocational and technical degrees

Quebec / The Summit on Higher Education: The losers are youth holders of vocational and technical degrees

Canada – Employment Insurance – EI recipients participating in employability measures should be exempted from the application of the proposed provisions on convenient job

Canada – Employment Insurance – EI recipients participating in employability measures should be exempted from the application of the proposed provisions on convenient job

Monetary and fiscal policies will never suffice to reduce long-term unemployment

One of the main policies to reduce long-term unemployment is an active labor market policy. The OECD publishes each year data on Government investments in labor market programs like training and wage subsidies.
Gemany and the Scandinavian countries are champions of active labor market policies. This is well known. But, less known is the fact that the US are not. US investment in active labor market programs before the Great recession wasbelow the OECD average, nearly 4 times lower: 0.13% of GDP vs 0.48%.
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Long-Term Unemployment is not a short term problem

“While I do not see much evidence of any significant increase in structural unemployment so far, I am concerned that structural unemployment could increase over time if the labor market heals too slowly–a phenomenon known as hysteresis” said Bernanke at the Money Marketeers of New York University, New York, New York, on April 11, 2012.

Disinvestment in Education In North America | How do you think we’ll get by in the 21st century ?

Renowned Economist and Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz strongly rebuked the policy of disinvestment in education occurring in  debt-laden US states, as he addressed a packed house at Victoria Street theatre in Santa Barbara on February 19 in 2010. But this is also going on in Canada and the trend seems to get worse every where since … Continue reading

Prime Aged American Men | From over 80 percent at work to less than 3 in 4

The percentage of Prime Aged American Men Without Disability (PAAM) who are employed is one of the best labor market indicator.

Job Gap | 600 M Jobs missing in the world | 12 M in U.S. | A factor behind income inequalities

The extensive Job Gap as tremendous impact. According to the 2012 of the ILO report on Global Employment Trends(GET), the world facesa Global Job Gap of 600 million jobs.

Which skills do count when you are unemployed and looking for work ?

There are two groups of skills that make a difference if you’re looking for work : Your search skills Your own skills, your competencies.

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