Quebec / The Summit on Higher Education: The losers are youth holders of vocational and technical degrees

Quebec / The Summit on Higher Education: The losers are youth holders of vocational and technical degrees

First, let us set the record straight. Yes, our opinion is out of context because it expresses the so-called ‘utilitarian’ view of education, from the perspective of one who is now studying to earn a living later.

We must first recognize that the Summit has focused on universities rather than on education. As college studies have hardly been discussed, so was the important (missing) links between the various levels of education. Simply put, it was not on the agenda. And it is very sad for Quebec’s youth and for its economy.

From an ‘utilitarian’ point of view, it becomes urgent that skills are recognized, irrespective of where they were acquired. In practical terms, the question is as follows:

Why a high school graduate with a DEP would not, as easily as possible, become a technician with a college degree or an engineer college with a university degree if he has the capacity and if it suits him ?

In Quebec, the three levels of education (vocational education, technical education and university education) are now under the jurisdiction of two ministries. It is now almost certain that two independent advisory committees will answer to the two ministers on any issues … What a beautiful bureaucratic solution….

Instead of providing better support to the social and occupational mobility by building bridges to simplify the lives of young people holding vocational and technical education degrees, the choice ‘makers’ have chosen to multiply the decision-making arenas and the obstacles, maybe just by ignorance that they were doing so! In sum, the decision ‘makers’ have added barriers and hurdles to those faced by young people who want to to complete their education.

In the current context, many young people have to make career choices with the painful impression that they are closing their doors if they opt for vocational or technical education. Given the existing obstacles to move from one level of education to another, they are not wrong. In addition to being sad, this is economically very costly for Quebec. But this issue is not on the agenda.

Michel Cournoyer

The Editor of the Job Market Monitor

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Québec / Les grands perdants du Sommet sur l’enseignement supérieur: les jeunes titulaires de DEP et de DEC techniques


Une mise au point s’impose. Oui, cette chronique est hors contexte car elle traite du côté dit ‘utilitaire’ de l’éducation, soit dans la perspective de celui qui étudie maintenant pour gagner sa vie plus tard. On admettra d’emblée que le Sommet a essentiellement porté sur les universités et non sur l’enseignement supérieure. Comme ont n’y … Lire la suite »

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