Disinvestment in Education In North America | How do you think we’ll get by in the 21st century ?

Renowned Economist and Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz strongly rebuked the policy of disinvestment in education occurring in  debt-laden US states, as he addressed a packed house at Victoria Street theatre in Santa Barbara on February 19 in 2010. But this is also going on in Canada and the trend seems to get worse every where since that time.

Throughout American history, almost every generation has had substantially more education than that of its parents said the WSJ yesterday, adding “that is no longer true.”

Source: militarytimesedge.com

During the recession and its aftermath, the number of long-term unemployed older workers more than quintupled, the greatest percentage increase out of all age groups, from 325,000 to 1.8 million wrote the CSMonitor. This is the best indication of the long run effect of disinvestment in basic education.

Source: playwithlearning.com

Education still matters for unemployment  we wrote. As investment in training of the long-term unemployed is also decreasing with budget constraints, everything seems to be made to pump more long-term unemploymed in the reserve army.

Job Market Monitor has documented a bit this non-sense trend. How do you think we’ll get by in this 21st century ?

P.S. : I am not a teacher.

  1. School layoffs | Losing teachers in Orange County (Job Market Monitor)
  2. Pittsburgh teachers won’t change layoffs by seniority –  2,300 teachers
  3. Cleveland | Layoffs of 508 Teachers  (Job Market Monitor)
  4. More lay-offs for massive California school district | Reuters – 2,000 positions since 2008
  5. Detroit | At least 4,100 teachers get layoff notices  (Job Market Monitor)
  6. MPS budget trims over 400 positions – JSOnline.
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  8. School board votes to cut 133 jobs « The Chronicle-Telegram – Lorain County’s leading news source.
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  13. School layoffs | Losing teachers in Orange County  (Job Market Monitor)
  14. Clark County School District’s tentative budget forecasts 1,350 layoffs in ‘worst-case’ scenario – Wednesday, April 11, 2012 | 5:05 p.m. – Las Vegas Sun.
  15. Long Beach Post: LBUSD Approves Layoff of Over 300 Employees (Job Market Monitor)

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