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Upskilling – A 7 Steps Guide

It’s not enough to just talk about upskilling people. It’s essential to understand exactly how to put an advanced, people-focused upskilling strategy in place now. Upskilling is all about preparing for the future

Keeping people’s skills in sync with the constantly changing world of work is the biggest talent challenge of our time. To meet this challenge, companies need to continually upskill their people. And that means investing in all types of learning, identifying and filling skill gaps, and keeping people employable. Investing in upskilling strategies aligns the skills of your employees to your evolving business strategy, which is critical to staying competitive. Companies that invest in advanced upskilling strategies create a more vibrant culture, see higher employee engagement, and do a better job attracting and retaining talent.

More importantly, they can accelerate digital transformation, innovate faster, and quickly react to new market opportunities. A future of rapid digitization and automation makes upskilling more and more important every day. Yet only 22% of HR and C-suite leaders surveyed across 17 markets said they provided training or skill-building to meet business needs, even though 91% believed it was their company’s responsibility. In that same study, nearly a third (30%) said they intended to offer skill-building opportunities but weren’t sure how.

This guide will show you how to do that in seven steps. Once you complete these steps in chronological order, continue managing them in an ongoing cyclical manner. It’s an agile, iterative process.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @ 7 Steps to Upskilling Your Workforce Guide

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