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The Digital Age – How to fortify your public relations

By Lucy Wyndham –

By 2020, public relations agencies are estimated to generate over 19.3 billion dollars for companies. In a profession that raises the visibility and communication of a business with its customer base, there have been major shifts in the strategies and processes of PR work. By perfecting your website’s interface, taking advantage of social media, and tracking and analyzing your business’s data, you can do your job in the ease and convenience of the digital age.

Website Is Your First Impression

Public relations is more than handling a companies press relations. In today’s digital climate, PR is the management of all relationships with the public as well as media outlets and your customer base. Websites are one of the most immediate and direct ways for a customer or person of interest to access your general information and resources. Old, unappealing, and slow websites can turn off anyone who visits them and leave your company with a bad impression. In the digital age, your website needs a modern and professional design, high-quality images, easily accessible links, and a call to action. In order to increase traffic to your website, consider backlinking your homepage onto other sister sites or link sites. While social media is crucial in digital public relations, your website still plays a major role as it is the direct reflection of your business. These qualities give your company a credible image and lead capturing ability.

Social Media is Key

Whether its public relations 30 years ago or public relations now, you need lateral thinking skills and commercial awareness. Media has been fragmented and trust has been lost between traditional press organizations and companies. Being aware of the advantages of social media in the industries digital age is crucial, and social media users have topped 2.34 billion. Social media can be used strategically to find and correct any negative press, directly interact with customers or industry professionals, and make announcements. Social media also allows you to post more content than ever before. Native advertising tactics on social media allow you to tailor announcements or communications in general to a certain demographic or age group. By collecting user data, you can use social media to speak to a specific group of people. Taking advantage of this accessibility is a strong part of modern public relations strategies.

Web-Based Analytics

Technology has also allowed public relations firms to track their performance as well as collect data on who is most receptive to their product. With modern web-based data tracking systems, you can look at your website analytics, see what pages are driving the most traffic, and what referrals are bringing viewers to your site. Even further, you can use artificial intelligence to predict future trends in your industry. While analytics were helpful in finding what customer bases are interested in your services, modern artificial intelligence can reduce your workload and help you stay as efficient as possible. This can allow you to tailor your content or design to a certain way and connect with your visitors better than you ever have before.

Employ Smart Public Relations Techniques

A good public relations strategy can generate significant extra revenue for a company by reaching and connecting with a vast audience. By making sure your website is optimized for best performance and design you are making your first impression strong. Tailoring your social media use with web-based analytics is the most efficient way to release information to as many people as possible as fast as possible. Use these modern adaptations of the public relations industry to your advantage today.

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