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On Poloz’s Prescription – Memoirs of an unpaid intern

Fresh out of university and six months into a fruitless job search, I accepted an unpaid six Stephen Polozweek internship under the impression that it would lead to a paid, full-time position at the same company or some serious resume ammunition.

My situation ended exceptionally poorly. As it turned out, the company wasn’t paying me because they didn’t want to – rather, they weren’t paying me because they couldn’t afford to pay anyone. Regardless of why, the bottom line is that no one was paying my bills or repaying my student debt.

Unfortunately, companies like these are out there, preying on young people struggling to get a toehold in a tight labour market. Anyone who has job hunted in recent years knows just how stressful that process is, especially for those of us lacking experience.

That’s why I feel betrayed by Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz’s recent comments that my peers and I should seek to bridge the experience gap through unpaid work…

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Gen Y money: Memoirs of an unpaid intern (and why Poloz’s comments sting) – The Globe and Mail.

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