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Internship in US – Top 100 Programs in 2018

These 100 companies were voted the 100 best internship programs in the U.S. by a panel of industry expert judges and thousands of public votes. Congratulations to the #1 internship program winner, KPMG. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  Top 100 Internship Programs — National Intern Day

Training, Apprenticeship and Internship – 5 Models of work-based and work-related learning

In Germany work-based learning – which goes by the long-established title: “Learning in the Process of Work”, has been gaining in importance since the 1970s. The term learning here is considered the ideal for the comprehensive development that delivers professional competence. The digitalization of work actually reinforces a renaissance of learning in and through work. … Continue reading

The Mandatory Work Experience Placements in UK – What students got out of employers being involved in their education

Work experience placements are mandatory in the UK for all young people aged 16–18 in education, and their employability effects and associated wage premia are well noted in the literature. In the half a century since the Newsom Report (1963) first recommended that exposure to the working world be incorporated into the final years of … Continue reading

Internship in Magazines In New York City – A Testimony

In fall 2013, I began applying for several magazine internships in New York hoping I’d land at  least one of them. I mean, I was constantly looking on ED2010 for the latest posting and one day, I applied for the Good Housekeeping Magazine Editorial Internship. To my surprise, I received an e-mail about a phone … Continue reading

Internships in Australia – Sacrificing $6000 in wages and working an average of nine weeks without pay

Young Australians slogging through unpaid internships are sacrificing $6000 in wages and working an average of nine weeks without pay. A new report by advocacy body Interns Australia found nearly 90 per cent of interns work for free or below the minimum wage. Interns spent an average of 45 days doing unpaid work, which translates to $5913 in wages if the intern was … Continue reading

How To Get The Most From an Office Intern

Guess post by Gemma Hunt Carswell – In his most recent movie release, Robert De Niro plays a 70 year old widower who goes to work as an office intern in a high powered fashion business. This film might be a comedy but with statistics showing that interns are used by almost 97% of large US businesses, an internship can … Continue reading

Interns – They need to have specific skill sets just to get in the door

For many college-educated Americans, an internship is the first step on the career ladder. Internships have become a key talent pipeline for employers, so where students intern and how well they perform can have a lasting impact on their career prospects. For the second year, Burning Glass Technologies has used its ability to collect and … Continue reading

Internship in US – 70.8 Percent of employers want to convert students into full-time, entry-level employees survey finds

Key findings PROGRAM STRUCTURE Nearly all respondents to this survey had a formal internship program (92.0 percent). Less than half had a co-op program (45.1 percent). The primary focus of most employers’ internship and co-op programs is to convert students into full-time, entry-level employees (70.8 percent and 62.6 percent, respectively). Very few employers required their … Continue reading

On Poloz’s Prescription – Memoirs of an unpaid intern

Fresh out of university and six months into a fruitless job search, I accepted an unpaid six week internship under the impression that it would lead to a paid, full-time position at the same company or some serious resume ammunition. My situation ended exceptionally poorly. As it turned out, the company wasn’t paying me because … Continue reading

Interns in Canada – Mostly female, underpaid or unpaid

Preliminary findings from an upcoming study on internships in Canada show that the majority of interns are young women who make less than the provincial minimum wage — if they’re paid at all. The study, to be released soon by two researchers at the University of Victoria and the Canadian Intern Association, is aimed at … Continue reading

US – Is The White House Consistent on Minimum Wage and Interns Pay?

Even as it pushes Congress to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, the Obama administration is resisting calls to pay interns who serve in the White House.  The White House declined multiple opportunities to comment on whether it would rethink its position on not compensating the roughly 300 interns who work there each … Continue reading

Apprenticeships and Internships in Europe / It is time to take a new approach argues Microsoft’s Afke Schaart

Developing high quality apprenticeships and internships are key to tackling Europe’s youth unemployment, argues Microsoft’s Afke Schaart. Six years on from the start of the economic crisis, unemployment remains stubbornly high in Europe. It\’s been well documented that Europe’s youth have borne the brunt of the downturn whether through lost job opportunities or serial unpaid … Continue reading

Unpaid internship in China / Students assembling PlayStation in sweatshop for course

Students in China are reportedly being forced to assemble Sony’s forthcoming Playstation 4 or risk failing their course Continue reading

Grads in Canada / RBC Launches New Internship For Recent College and University Graduates

With almost three-quarters (73 per cent) of recent post-secondary graduates surveyed saying a lack of experience is a barrier to securing their first job, RBC today announced the RBC Career Launch Program™, a multi-year investment in providing recent college and university graduates with career experience to help strengthen their future employability. A one-year internship for … Continue reading

Canada / The issue about unpaid internships

When Vancouver’s Fairmont Waterfront Hotel posted an ad for unpaid interns to work busing tables in its dining room, it quickly set off a firestorm in social media — and an uneasy silence elsewhere Continue reading

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