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EU Court of Justice – Countries can exclude jobless immigrants from getting welfare

Europe’s top court has ruled that European Union countries can block jobless immigrantscours de justice de l'union européennefrom receiving welfare benefits.

The so-called ‘welfare tourism’ case involved a Romanian woman, 25-year-old Elisabeta Dano, who had applied for, and been denied, unemployment benefit in Germany on the grounds that she was not actively seeking a job. She had received child benefits after giving birth to a baby while in Germany.

Dano then appealed against the German court ruling and the matter ended up before the EU Court of Justice.

The judges at the the Luxembourg-based court said: “Economically inactive EU citizens who go to another member state solely in order to obtain social assistance may be excluded from certain social benefits.”

The German Federal Employment Agency said it was good to have a clear ruling on the matter and the General Secretary of the Conservatives called it a good decision. He added people who want to come to work in Germany are welcome.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Top court rules EU countries can exclude jobless immigrants from getting benefits | euronews, economy.

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