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Germany / Poor immigrant influx taking advantage of the nation’s welfare system

German cities have been complaining that immigrants from poor EU countries are taking advantage of the nation’s welfare system. The EU says Germany profits from immigration and has nothing to whine about.

Major German cities like Berlin, Mannheim and Duisburg are having to deal with large numbers of poor people from Romania and Bulgaria, the EU’s two poorest countries, who are moving into cheap sub-standard housing and receiving monthly child benefit of 190 euros ($260) per child. That may not seem like much to the average German, but for many of the immigrants it’s more than they would have back home. Even though they have to leave after three months if they don’t find a job, it’s still worth coming regularly to Germany to pick up the money.

Five hundred migrants are arriving in Duisburg every month

But there’s even more worry about the future: at the beginning of next year, Romanians and Bulgarians will be able to get regular welfare payments during their three months, and the cities fear that “poverty immigration” will reach epidemic proportions.

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via German cities suffer from poor immigrant influx | Germany | DW.DE | 11.10.2013.

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