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Resume – Passing the screening machine

More and more, human resources managers rely on data-driven algorithms to help with hiring decisions and to navigate a vast pool of potential job candidates. These software systems can in some cases be so efficient at screening resumes and evaluating personality tests that 72% of resumes are weeded out before a human ever sees them. But there are drawbacks to this level of efficiency. Man-made algorithms are fallible and may inadvertently reinforce discrimination in hiring practices. Any HR manager using such a system needs to be aware of its limitations and have a plan for dealing with them.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Hiring Algorithms Are Not Neutral

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Milligan lists three factors to help keep scanning software from rejecting your resume:

Keywords: Applicant-tracking software is programmed to select resumes that contain certain keywords relevant to the job opening. Milligan recommends that you brainstorm for those keywords, including software and skills — the job ad itself probably contains clues — and write your resume around them.

Format: Not only should you submit your resume in the requested file format, Milligan says, but you should also make sure that it has a scanner-friendly layout. Text boxes — including page borders — may be eye-catching, but they can also cause the software to overlook your carefully curated keywords.

Headings: Stick with the standards the software has been programmed to recognize, Milligan advises: “Work History” and “Education” rather than “Milestones” and “Matriculation.”

Those tips will help you get past the robot guardians.

Pro tip: If you’re writing a resume for a sales job, Milligan says, one vital keyword to include is a dollar sign. Awards and client testimonials are great, but employers want to see that bottom line too.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Your resume: Getting past the screening machine – LA Times

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