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US – Employment and wages in STEM by the BLS


Total May 2013 OES employment in all STEM occupations is 16,994,480. This is nearly 13 percent of total national employment (132,588,810). Across the four types of STEM subdomains, health occupations have the most employment (8,276,100) and architecture occupations have the least employment (156,650). Of the five types of STEM occupations, the largest by far is group A (Research, development, design, or practitioner occupations), with employment of 9,874,110. Next largest is group B (Technologist and technician occupations), with employment of 5,212,070. The remaining three types of STEM occupations each have employment totals less than 1 million.

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The May 2013 annual average wage for all the STEM occupations is $79,640. This is roughly 1.7 times the national annual average wage for all occupations ($46,440). Out of all five types of STEM occupations, the highest wage is found in the managerial occupations, with an annual average wage of $122,470. In contrast, the lowest paying types of STEM occupations are the technologist and technician occupations ($49,930). Unlike the five types of STEM occupations, the four domains have average annual wages that do not vary much and are close to the annual average wage ($79,640) for all STEM occupations. The domain with the highest wage ($83,750) is the life and physical science, engineering, mathematics, and information technology occupations. The lowest wage domain, social science occupations, has an annual average wage of $70,880. So the five types of STEM occupations differ by roughly $70,000, but the four domains differ by approximately $10,000. Table 2 lists the annual average wage for the 20 groups.

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via An overview of employment and wages in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) groups : Beyond the Numbers: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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