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Reshoring in US / How Walmart says it will do

In January 2013 at the National Retail Federation’s annual convention Bill Simon, President, Walmart US, promised to bring back manufacturing to the United States. He promised that in 10 years $50 billion in goods would again be produced in the United States. It is a great project. It would create jobs and give a boost to the economy and also to national pride. It raises my hope that not everything will be produced overseas; that we have the ingenuity to produce products in mass in the United States.

I do not think the project is easy, since the competitive pressure from producers in the Far East will always be there. But, companies like General Electric, Kayser-Roth, Anchor Hocking and some others have already found a way to be part of the first wave of supporters by making a commitment to manufacture some products in the United States. Some of these suppliers’ goods will be exclusive to Walmart; others will be available in many retail stores.

Here are some specifics:

*General Electric will create 150 jobs to produce energy efficient soft white bulbs. This product will be exclusive to Walmart.

*Kayser-Roth will create more than 100 new jobs to produce No Nonsense legwear.

*Element Electronics will add 500 new jobs when they open their new facility in Winnsboro, SC to produce flat screen TV’s.

*Renfro will add 195 jobs to manufacture legswear and socks in Cleveland, TN, and Fort Payne, AL.

*Hampton Products will add 150 jobs to produce screen and storm door hardware in Shell Lake, WI.

*Élan-Polo in a joint venture with McPherson Manufacturing will add 250 new jobs once the new facility to produce injection-molded footwear in Hazelhurst, GA is complete.

*EveryWare Global will create two new manufacturing jobs in its expanded Monaca, PA facility producing bakeware, tabletop and household glassware and canning jars.

*Louis Hornick & Co. will create 150 new jobs manufacturing window covering and home textiles in a new facility in Allendale County, SC.

*Anchor Hocking will create 12 new jobs in producing kitchen utensils by the Tailor-Made Products division in Wisconsin.

*Redman & Associates will create 74 jobs manufacturing toys in Rogers, AR.

*Korona Candles will create 170 jobs to produce Mainstays Tealight candles in Virginia.

These companies alone will create 1,753 jobs the next few years as plants become operative and expansions are completed. This figure does not take into account the number of construction workers who will be helping in the building process and who would not have had the opportunity to work productively without this initiative.

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via How Walmart Plans To Bring Manufacturing Back To The United States – Forbes.

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