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Reshoring in US – Factory jobs returning matched the number lost last year

Although no one keeps precise statistics, the retreat from offshoring is clear from various sources, including federal data on assistance to workers hurt by overseas moves.  U.S. factory payrolls have grown for four straight years, with gains totaling about 650,000 jobs. That’s a small fraction of the 6 million lost in the previous decade, but … Continue reading

Jobs Returning To US / Several factors have changed

Over the last decade, several factors have changed such that onshoring of jobs by U.S. companies and offshoring by foreign companies will continue to increase significantly over the coming decade: The rising cost of labor in China. The rising strength of China’s currency. Wage rates in the United States. Fuel and Production Costs. Changing Perceptions. … Continue reading

Reshoring in US / How Walmart says it will do

In January 2013 at the National Retail Federation’s annual convention Bill Simon, President, Walmart US, promised to bring back manufacturing to the United States. He promised that in 10 years $50 billion in goods would again be produced in the United States. Continue reading

Reshoring in US / More Manufacturing Coming Back

A study by the Boston Consulting Group documents what many manufacturers have quietly discovered in recent years — bringing production back to the United States from overseas carries some advantages Continue reading

Wal-Mart / A call to ‘made in America’

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. spearheaded an effort Thursday to bring together retailers, suppliers and government officials so they can figure out how to bring more manufacturing jobs to the United States Continue reading

US / Is it true that American multinationals are returning jobs in large numbers?

Is it true that foreign companies are “betting” on the United States, and that American multinationals are returning jobs here in large numbers? Continue reading

Reshoring in the US / 5 Companies Bringing Jobs Back

A look at five reshoring leaders so far this year Continue reading

Reshoring in the US / 11 Companies That Brought Jobs Back Home

over 50,000 jobs have been “reshored,” as it’s called, in the past three years, according to Harry Moser, president of the Reshoring Initiative, a non-profit dedicated to showing some U.S. companies the benefits of doing business at home. He says altruism has little to do with why most companies end up returning manufacturing to the … Continue reading

US / Jobs could come back if America could change its trade position says Harvard’s Lawrence

Manufacturing job opportunities could improve, although they will likely never be the same. But it isn’t because emerging markets such as China are the threat that many believe them to be, said Robert Lawrence, professor of international trade and investment at Harvard Kennedy School. Investors often focus on micro issues. They hone in on what … Continue reading

Reshoring in US / A nascent trend ?

Recent days have produced a steady drip, drip, drip of good tidings about new jobs on America’s factory floors. Apple, Lenovo, LG Chem, and now Daimler AG have all recently said they plan to add manufacturing jobs in the US. President Obama hopes it’s a sign of the times, but economists say it’s, at best, a … Continue reading

Reshoring in UK / China wage hike spurs trend ?

It moved half its production to China to keep costs down, but eight years later one company is bringing production back to Britain. It’s another example of the backshoring trend that has seen many European manufacturers relocate their business back home. Caldeira is a cushion-making business headquartered in Merseyside, Northern England. Since 2004 it has … Continue reading

Reshoring / Apple to return some Mac production in US

Apple Inc is planning to bring back some of its production of Mac computers to the United States from China next year, Chief Executive Tim Cook said, according to a report published Thursday. The company will spend more than $100 million to build the computers in the United States, Cook was cited as saying in … Continue reading

Wave of Reshoring in U.S. Manufacturing?

U.S. manufacturing is in a period of resurgence, and while it is too early to say if the positive momentum has staying power, the sector’s revival is being aided in part by the return of production to the United States that had been outsourced to lower-wage rate locations overseas, particularly China and developing Asian economies … Continue reading

US – Are more jobs coming back?

After years of jobs moving overseas by the million, some are trickling back. China’s largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo Group, recently announced that it will open its first manufacturing plant in the U.S. The company expects to create 115 jobs in North Carolina, where it also operates customer service facilities and data centers. And in late … Continue reading

China Reshoring manufacturing to the U.S.

Chinese conglomerates, on a mission to expand their global footprint and avoid “anti-dumping” tariffs, are shifting more of their production to America. In the United States, cash-strapped states desperate for revenue and jobs, are rolling out the welcome mat for foreign companies that can guarantee both. More Chinese manufacturers have been launching their own U.S. … Continue reading

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