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Job Offer through Social Media

These are three stories of companies making job offers via social media.

3. Tech Marketing firm, ePrize showed their love for Samantha Bankey over Instagram. As told by Mashable, Samantha was highly engaged with the company’s Instagram never missing the opportunity to comment or like a photo.

This is a long-term love affair. Samantha interned with ePrize over the summer but no fulltime positions were available, when a job opened up nearly a year later in May they made the position available to her…

2. 42Floors, a startup merging tech and real-estate, proclaimed their affection in a love letter, I mean job offer, for Dan Shipper on their blog. 42Floor states clearly why they want Dan to join their team, he’s a gifted developer, he’s started multiple companies of his own, he’s a talented writer, a cornerstone in the hacker community – oh and did I mention at the time he was only a sophomore in college? Well, he was. But this didn’t stop 42Floors Co-Founder Jason Freedman from attempting to court Shipper in a very public way. Shipper decided not to take the job, but what makes this job offer unique – besides the fact that it’s totally public – 42Floors stated even if he turned down the job they’ll support his endeavors. On top of that the job offer has no expiration date, so if Shipper changes his mind 42Floors will open its doors to him…

1. Do you believe in love at first sight? CEO of YouTube Chad Hurley sure does. He offered Feross Aboukhadijeh a job over Twitter within 14 hours of Aboukhadijeh releasing YouTube Instant (a site he took only 3 hours to build!) Aboukhadijeh is in the business of developing great programs, a skill YouTube did not want to miss. Aboukhadijeh ended up turning down the offer and is currently working to make websites faster and more reliable with his own startup peerCDN. Despite turning down the offer, a public display of affection from the CEO of YouTube is something anyone would feel great about.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor

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via Would You Make a Job Offer through Social Media? | SmartRecruiting.


2 thoughts on “Job Offer through Social Media

  1. Not only are job opportunities made public through companies on Facebook but also through Facebook friends if you let them know you are looking. That’s how I found a job.

    Posted by literarylydi | June 13, 2013, 5:11 pm

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