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Recruiting – 10 things ethical and professional recruiters never, ever do

The barriers to entry for a would-be independent contingency recruiter are nonexistent.  Anyone with a phone and an internet connection can call themselves a recruiter and start representing themselves that way to candidates. That’s why the business of recruiting has a bad reputation with so many people. It’s a shame, because there are also top-notch, … Continue reading

Recruiting – Are you biased?

Are you biased? Consider these sobering stats and see if any hold true for you: Pedigree: For a 2016 study of law firm hiring bias, a male’s résumé that subtly signaled privilege–sailing and classical music as hobbies–received nearly four times as many callbacks as ones that didn’t. Source: American Sociological Review Gender: In one study, … Continue reading

Job Search and Hiring – Seven facts every job seeker and employers should know

Although 76 percent of full-time, employed workers are either actively looking for a job or open to new opportunities, nearly half (48 percent) of employers can’t seem to find the workers they need to fill their job vacancies. A new study from CareerBuilder highlights seven important facts every employer and job seeker should know as … Continue reading

Social Media in Recruiting – Two in three CEO’s see no use for it

It’s not surprising but it is disappointing that 65% CEO’s see no use for social media in recruiting. This social media disconnect is the fundamental challenge for executives. Social media at it’s most basic level is about connection, and unfortunately that’s not something most executives have an interest or time for, but they should be … Continue reading

US – Nearly 60 percent of U.S. chief financial officers say their firms are not adapting to attract millennial workers

Nearly 60 percent of U.S. chief financial officers say their firms are not adapting to attract millennial workers – thoseunder age 35. While millennials offer technological and creative advantages, they tend to be less loyal to the company and require more management oversight, some CFOs say. CFOs in the U.S. also expect employment to increase … Continue reading

How do you hire? An answer by Brian Chesky of Airbnb

How do you hire? What do you look for, and what questions do you ask? For every hire, you need a very specific thesis of what you’re looking for, and it has to be simple. It can’t be a bunch of responsibilities; it’s got to be a word, or a mantra, and it has to … Continue reading

Screening with LinkedIn – Certain information is a “consumer report” says a lawsuit

The popular social network was sued on Oct. 9, 2014, for alleged violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The class action, Sweet v. LinkedIn Corporation, filed in the Northern District of California, claims that LinkedIn’s reference checking services are essentially background screening functions that should be regulated by the FCRA. The case against … Continue reading

Job Search and Recruiting – New speech technology matches service workers to jobs, the leading mobile and bilingual job marketplace that matches employers with hourly workers in the U.S., announced the release of its patent pending Jobaline Voice Analyzer™ at the “Talent Acquisition: The New Era” symposium hosted by TMP Worldwide. Voice Analyzer matches workers to jobs based on how listeners react emotionally to specific voices.  Jobaline … Continue reading

LinkedIn – The New Recruiting Firm’s Field Guide

We’re excited to introduce you to The Recruiting Firm’s LinkedIn Field Guide, a step-by-step playbook for putting these strategies into practice on LinkedIn. Download this free ebook for best practices to: Build your personal brand and your firm’s brand Engage key talent pools and potential clients Recruit candidates (external and internal) and new clients The … Continue reading

Bridging the Gap Between Employer and Job Seekers

(Guess Posts by by Rebecca Gray) If you happen to be unemployed and have been seeking a position for some time, but have met with little success, you might find yourself confused by recent statistics that indicate a steady decrease in unemployment claims, not to mention the frequently published projections of a rosy employment picture … Continue reading

LinkedIn – A free beginner’s guide (Slideshare)

When people talk about social media, they usually mention Facebook and Twitter. But for professionals who are serious about using social media to advance their careers, there’s no better network than LinkedIn. In this presentation, The author provides some stats on why you shouldn’t ignore LinkedIn. The presentation also provides some important details when filling … Continue reading

Recruiting in Canada / 39 per cent have been contacted through a social media website or network study finds

Ignore that request from LinkedIn or Twitter at your peril — it might be a job offer, according to a global study released Wednesday. The study, commissioned by U.S. human resources firm Kelly Services, found that 39 per cent of Canadians polled have been contacted through a social media website or network in the last … Continue reading

Recruiting and Social Media / Extraverted candidates prone to postings related to alcohol and drugs and those low in agreeableness in online badmouthing

Results of a study indicate that extraverted candidates were prone to postings related to alcohol and drugs. Those low in agreeableness were particularly likely to engage in online badmouthing behaviors Continue reading

How to find the right talent among 1734 applicants? by Heineken (video)

Standard questions. Prepared answers. If job interviews are all the same, how to find the right talent among 1734 applicants?

Job Offer through Social Media

These are three stories of companies making job offers via social media. 3. Tech Marketing firm, ePrize showed their love for Samantha Bankey over Instagram. As told by Mashable, Samantha was highly engaged with the company’s Instagram never missing the opportunity to comment or like a photo. This is a long-term love affair. Samantha interned … Continue reading

Jobs – Offres d’emploi – US & Canada (Eng. & Fr.)

The Most Popular Job Search Tools

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Cover Letters – Tools, Tips and Free Cover Letter Templates for Microsoft Office

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