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Gender Gap / Men Get the Jobs That Get Them Ahead

When it comes to the hot, high-profile jobs that lead to big promotions, managers overwhelmingly pick men for such plum roles, according to a new study, released Wednesday.

Even when they are equally qualified, women are generally given smaller budgets, fewer direct reports and less exposure to the C-suite than their male counterparts, according a poll of 1,660 professionals of both genders in 2010 and 2011 conducted by Catalyst, a nonprofit research group that aims to expand opportunities for women in the workplace. The findings suggest that women aren’t getting the same opportunities for professional advancement as men.

The report is the sixth in a series following a group of professionals who graduated from 26 top business schools worldwide between 1996 and 2007. This latest study measures the ability of both genders to land so-called “hot jobs”: highly visible projects, critical roles and international assignments in their post-M.B.A. professions…

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via Men Get the Jobs That Get Them Ahead, Study Finds – At Work – WSJ.

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