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Recruiting – 10 things ethical and professional recruiters never, ever do

The barriers to entry for a would-be independent contingency recruiter are nonexistent. 

Anyone with a phone and an internet connection can call themselves a recruiter and start representing themselves that way to candidates.

That’s why the business of recruiting has a bad reputation with so many people.

It’s a shame, because there are also top-notch, professional recruiters working hard to get great jobs for their candidates. The bad recruiters outnumber the good ones, and spoil the reputation of recruiting for everyone!

Here are 10 things ethical and professional recruiters never, ever do:

1. Get you on the phone and start interrogating you.

2. Ask you what you’re earning now.

3. Ask you to send them a resume without telling you why.

4. Criticize your background.

5. Require you to fill out forms.

6. Go silent.

7. Set up interviews without asking your permission first.

8. Expect you to interview for jobs you don’t want.

9. Tell you to lower your expectations.

10. Disrespect your time and talents.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Ten Things Ethical Recruiters Never, Ever Do


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