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Recruiting – Are you biased?

Are you biased?

Consider these sobering stats and see if any hold true for you:capture-decran-2017-03-06-a-07-46-07

Pedigree: For a 2016 study of law firm hiring bias, a male’s résumé that subtly signaled privilege–sailing and classical music as hobbies–received nearly four times as many callbacks as ones that didn’t. Source: American Sociological Review

Gender: In one study, two identical résumés with different names were sent in for a lab manager position. “Jennifer” was rated as less competent than “John,” and hiring managers recommended paying her, on average, $4,000–13 percent–less than John. Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Voice: Women, more than men, are penalized by hiring managers for vocal fry. One study found that young women with creaky voices were judged as “less competent, less educated, less trust­worthy, less attractive, and less hirable.” Source: Plos One

Race: In a landmark study, researchers sent identical résumés for one position. Those with African American-sounding names–Jamal Jones, Lakisha Washington–were only half as likely to receive a callback as those with white-sounding names, like Emily Walsh or Greg Baker. Source: The American Economic Review

Age: For a 2016 study, participants were told about two equally qualified candidates, one of whom had strengths that signaled youth and the other, maturity. Seventy percent of participants preferred to hire the young candidate. Source: Journal of Social Issues

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Everyone Overlooks Great Job Candidates. Even You |



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