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Unemployment and Parenthood – Its impact differs according to the relationship research finds

Unemployment leads to earlier entries into parenthood for both men and women. However, its impact differs according to the relationship status in which it is experienced. Unemployed men who cohabit and unemployed women who are single have a higher probability of becoming parents. Among married individuals the timing of parenthood is determined largely by the … Continue reading

Fathers in US – 2 million stay-at-home in 2012

The number of fathers who do not work outside the home has risen markedly in recent years, up to 2 million in 2012. High unemployment rates around the time of the Great Recession contributed to the recent increases, but the biggest contributor to long-term growth in these “stay-at-home fathers” is the rising number of fathers … Continue reading

The Talent War – Workplace flexibility is the key (Infographic)

As if finding great employees wasn’t enough of a problem for small business owners, keeping them poses yet another HR challenge.  Plantronics Workplace Flexibility Survey of 270 small business owners conducted last year by the Corporate Executive Board found that 44 percent say that finding and retaining talent is the most difficult aspect of HR/labor … Continue reading

Parenting and “secure attachment” – 40% of children would miss it out says a report

Four in ten babies don’t develop the strong emotional bonds – what psychologists call “secure attachment” – with their parents that are crucial to success later in life. Disadvantaged children are more likely to face educational and behavioural problems when they grow older as a result, new Sutton Trust research finds today.  The review of … Continue reading

Paternity Leave / What happens when men cut back on work to fulfill family obligations?

Research shows that working men and women tend to make different adjustments when they become parents. Women typically resolve work-family conflicts by reducing their work hours, whereas men typically increase their work hours. And when women take maternity leave or temporarily cut back to part-time, many employers, rightly or wrongly, perceive them to be less … Continue reading

UK / Men with children 1.4x more likely to work than those without

British fathers are more likely to be in employment than their childless counterparts. But when it comes to women, having a child reduces your chances of being in work. We look at the data for every age group to see what’s happening Continue reading

Careers advice in Australia / 60 per cent of students would aspire to positions that only 20 per cent attain

CONFUSED schoolchildren are falling victim to a “patchy” careers advice system which inflates their expectations only to have them dashed 10 years later Continue reading

Parents / Stay-At-Home Dads and Breadwinner Moms

The next time you see a father out shopping with his kids, you might need to check your assumptions. “I’ll get the, ‘Oh, look, it’s a dad! That’s so sweet!’ “says Jonathan Heisey-Grove, a stay-at-home father of two young boys in Alexandria, Va., who is pretty sure the other person assumes he’s just giving Mom … Continue reading

Unemployment in America from a Child’s Perspective

The report Unemployment from a Child’s Perspective written by Julia Isaacs examines unemployment from a child’s perspective, reporting that 6.2 million children lived in families with unemployed parents in 2012. ( Adapted chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor to follow) When a parent loses a job, the entire family is affected, including the children. Money is suddenly tighter, and what … Continue reading

Canada / Federal Court / Employers have a duty to accommodate “childcare obligations”

On January 31st, 2013 a Federal Court judge affirmed a 2010 ruling of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal that said that employers have a duty to accommodate “childcare obligations” as a component of their duty to accommodate an employee’s “family status.” The facts of the case have left many Canadians, both employees and employers, asking … Continue reading

Parents Want Flexible Work

In a recent “Parents & Work” survey conducted by FlexJobs from November 14 – 30th, 2012, 725 parents were asked about how work affects them and their families. The questions considered the issues working parents think about and confront on a regular basis, and how work flexibility might impact those. The results showed that working … Continue reading

Childcare cost rises ‘may make parents quit their jobs’ – BBC News

Some parents could be forced out of work and into poverty as the rising cost of childcare outstrips wage rises, says a report. A survey by the Daycare Trust charity showed that the average cost of nursery care in Britain for children under two rose by nearly 6% last year. Average wages rose by just … Continue reading

Young, Underemployed and Optimistic – Pew Research Center

A plurality of the American public believe that young adults are having the toughest time of any age group in today’s economy — and a lopsided majority says it’s more difficult for today’s young adults than it was for their parents’ generation to pay for college, find a job, buy a home or save for … Continue reading

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